No Victory on hardcore, working with Knocked Loose and more

No Victory - Promo

Concert Crap: What do you hope for with the new album release?

Brian Pilla: I speak for all of us in No Victory when I say that we wrote this album to play music that we love to play and love to hear. We do this for fun, and if anything more comes of this we’ll look at those opportunities as a plus and continue to do what we do.

CC: What was it like recording with Isaac of Knocked Loose?

BP: We’ve known the Knocked Loose boys for around two years now and consider them some of our best friends, so recording with Isaac was a very enjoyable experience. It was nice to sit down and work on everything with someone we’re so comfortable with who also knows what he’s doing.

CC: Would you agree that hardcore is making a comeback in the music scene?

BP: I guess you could say that, hardcore never really went anywhere. I think about this from time to time and it’s really just the fact that more and more people are being introduced to bands of the genre, and are being invited to shows so we have a growing community within hardcore, which is a great thing.

CC: Hardcore is garnering a larger audience. Do you think it’ll make it an even better time for the album to drop considering more people are into the genre?

BP: That all really depends on what people are into. We write our music based off of what we like, and what we want to play so some people will like it and some won’t. No Victory has a decent amount of metal influences and that might not cater to some peoples tastes. I don’t believe timing has anything to do with it. If people like it those that do will show their support.

CC: Would you guys like to be on Warped Tour in the future? Or any other specific tour or festival?

BP: Sound and Fury or This is Hardcore would be fun to play one day. I think we’d fit well on some metal fests as well as hardcore fests.

CC: If you were to embark on tour, who would you want as your tour mates?

BP: Personally I want to tour with all of my friends as well as bands that we don’t know personally. Meeting new people and making new friends is a great part of touring and that’s what I want.

CC: Is there anything else you would like to say to your fans or anyone that may be reading this interview?

BP: Time To Die is out August 12th via Unbeaten Records. You can preorder the album at: UNBEATEN.MERCHNOW.COM

All questions answered by guitarist Brian Pilla.

Post and interview by Kayla Rojas

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