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Kanayo King - Promo

Concert Crap: Who has been the biggest influence in your musical career thus far?

Kanayo King: It’s difficult to really say who has had the biggest influence, but I’d say Bone Thugs-n-Harmony (particularly Krayzie Bone) and believe it or not, Sade.

CC: Who would you want to collaborate with possibly in the future?

KK: I think a Thom Yorke collaboration would probably mean the most to me.  Yeah, Radiohead’s genre is different from where my work is categorized, but that’s the beauty of it.  And I feel like there is a place for me in that field.

CC: Do you feel as though there is a stigma with rap music as opposed to alternative? Or any other genre for that matter?

KK: Rap music is special because of its perceived authenticity.  Depending on how you choose to look at it, this really has it’s ups and downs.  On the plus side, it’s been the chosen voice of the masses and it has completely changed pop culture forever.  The down side is complicated.  People associate it with negativity and a lack of talent, but the bottom line is that it’s art. The same rules that apply to alternative, or any other form of music, should also apply to rap.  But, that’s not how it works.

CC: What’s the biggest misconception about rap (in your opinion)

KK: I think the biggest misconception about rap is that it can only be appreciated in thin margins.  Rap doesn’t have to be “gangster”, or for clubs or dancing.  That’s just what sells the most, so that’s what it’s known for I suppose.

CC: Could you see yourself garnering a larger audience after possibly going on tour with another artist?

KK: I could definitely see that happening. I’d use the opportunity to increase my following as much as possible.  Some artists don’t really think that touring is effective, but I think it’s the best way to actually build a connection with real people.  We focus on the Internet to do too much for us sometimes.

CC: When do you think you’ll plan on creating a full-length album?

KK: This year or next year, I should have a full-length album put together.  Right now, we’re releasing work regularly to kind of check the climate out a bit.  I’ve actually been working on the album for sometime now.  It’s going to be pretty eclectic to say the least.

CC: If you could tour with anyone in no particular order, what would your lineup be?

KK: Kanye, Kendrick, Future, Jay Z, Justin Bieber, Young Thug, Chris Brown, or Drake. There’s definitely no order to that list at all. Haha.

CC: Any last words to your fans or anyone viewing this interview?

KK: I just want my fans to know that I really appreciate them.  I’m getting ready to release more heat soon.  You will not be disappointed.


Post and interview by Kayla Rojas

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