Forty Winters on new release and how they’ve matured

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Concert Crap: Rotting Empire is out today, how proud are you of this release? 

Xavier Vicuna: We are very proud of Rotting Empire. We put everything into this release and really went full speed ahead with our ideas, lyrical and musical content, etc. We wanted to make this one count.

CC: How is it similar and different from your debut album? 

XA: It’s similar in the sense that we still went with traditional six string guitars tuned to Drop B, maintaining that signature FW sound. It’s different in a plethora of ways: stronger song structure, darker content, more confident. It’s a very different breed of beast.

CC: Why is it better than your first album?

XA: Experience. That’s the best answer I can give you. We have grown so much as people, brothers, artists, and as a band. We knew what we wanted to achieve as far as art, sound, production,and theme. It just packs more of a punch. It’s all trial and error, life lessons learned the hard way. It’s truly better, and we couldn’t be more happy.

CC: Who are you hoping to tour with to support this release?

XA: Anyone and everyone. Slipknot in a perfect world. Haha. Plenty of touring in store for this album cycle.

CC: Will there be a new video any time soon to keep an eye out for?

XA: Yes, absolutely. A music video for our song “Snuff Out the Light” should be debuting any minute now.

CC: You guys have a pretty cool metalcore sound. Who are some of your favorite metalcore artists?

XA: Thank you so much. ZAO, The Banner, All Out War, Bleeding Through, Eighteen Visions, and The Acacia Strain.

CC: Is there anything else you would like to say to your fans or anyone that may be reading this interview?

XA: Thank you for having me. Thank you to all the fans for sticking with us and giving Rotting Empire such an awesome response so far. Rotting Empire drops July 22nd! Our first single “Summoning Spirits” is streaming now!

All questions answered by vocalist Xavier Vicuna.


Post and interview by Corey Kleinsasser

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