Aeges “Weightless” is not to be taken lightly

Aeges - Weightless

Aeges new album Weightless is out this tomorrow.

The whole album is very Thrice-esque. The vocals, guitars, drums and bass are that of the So Cal band. But this is an entirely different band with their own spin on it. Aeges does everything well with this album from front to back.

“All of Me” and “Another Wasteland” are very hard and soft all in one. Hard rock, but not too hard to be considered metal.

“Clear” is another highlight of the album. You’ll be singing the group chants throughout this gem. “Drown” is another track not to be taken lightly.

Guitar work is amazing and vocal work is nothing to be frowned upon. It’s rock that most certainly does not suck. This album is amazing.

It is a very long album, but that is a definite positive because you can tell the band pour their heart and soul into each song, and it’s something to not take for granted.

  1. All of Me
  2. Another Wasteland
  3. Better
  4. Clear
  5. Drown
  6. Drying Out
  7. Echoes
  8. Listening
  9. Nothing to Prove
  10. A Reason Why
  11. Save Us
  12. Weightless
  13. What if


Post by Corey Kleinsasser

What are your thoughts on Weightless? Comment below.

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