Omar Rodriguez-Lopez “Sworn Virgins” album review

Omar Rodriguez-Lopez - Sworn Virgins

The Mars Volta and At the Drive in singer Omar Rodriguez-Lopez (ORL) just released his solo album Sworn Virgins Friday.

The first two tracks, “Pineapple Face” and “Not Even Toad Loves You” is a blended piece that goes together well. There are many highs throughout.

This is an album that can be put up on a Saturday night when you and your friends just need some good tunes to slowly dance to.

This album is an eclectic piece of mashed up genres and is somewhat crazy, but in a good way. ORL’s voice and music is somewhat alien-esque. There are distorted and and warped parts throughout many songs and with his voice, it goes together perfectly. It is controlled chaos.

  1. Pineapple Face
  2. Not Even Toad Loves You
  3. Kill a Chi Chi
  4. Trick Harpoon Stare of Baby
  5. High Water Hell
  6. Saturine
  7. Crow’s Feet
  8. Heart Mistakes
  9. Logged into Bliss
  10. Fortuna
  11. Twice a Plague


Post by Corey Kleinsasser

What are your thoughts on Sworn Virgins? Comment below.

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