Invent, Animate talks “Stillworld”, touring, and spirit animals

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CC: How big of an accomplishment is your newest album Stillworld?

BE: To us, this is a huge milestone. We are seriously so proud of what this record has become, and we think it’s really gonna help make our mark, and more importantly, we just want to write music that will stick with people forever.

CC: Is this album cover a sequel to Everchanger?

BE: It has a connection, yes. The wolf is a more tangible figure, opposing the intangible figure on our first album. This album has a more straight-forward way of delivering similar messages, and in many ways there is a bridge from the last album, and I think you’ll be able to hear that in the music upon second or third listen!

CC: Why is this the best Invent, Animate album yet?

BE: Not only are we in a better state personally, but we really honed in on the sound we wanted and loved. You can hear the growth and evolution from Everchanger, but it’s done in a whole new light. It transitions, and flows better than anything we’ve ever done.

CC: You’re touring with Erra, Sylar, and The Plot in You soon. Will you be playing more new or old songs on this tour?

BE: We have the perfect balance of new and old songs on this tour. We were actually kind of torn when deciding what to do, but we are VERY happy with the setlist we have in store.

CC: Will you be having any exclusive merchandise on this tour?

BE: Absolutely! We will have items that were only for people who were quick enough to grab on pre-orders, like beanies, wall flags, and more. I’m so excited about our spread.

CC: What do you think sets you apart from other progressive rock/metal artists out there?

BE: I think it’s our attitude and tone. We really, really try not to put ourselves on any sort of pedestal, seeing as we are just four dudes who are barely scratching the surface of all of this, and I like to think people appreciate that. We love to just chill and talk at shows, and I think that surprises people sometimes because of the seriousness of our music. It’s a dense market right now, and we’re just trying to do us, and hope we can stand out.

CC: What do you hope happens in the second half of 2016 for you guys?

BE: We have some really cool things in the works right now, none that i can mention, but I just want to see more of the world, and continue to play music for people that care. And not to mention, we’ll probably start diving into LP3, because it’s never too early.

CC: Which other human being is your spirit animal?

BE: Dave Grohl, his ability to make any song good, and he just embodies everything I want to be when I’m his age. He’s still so young at heart, and so much fun with music, and it’s a beautiful thing. I’m a huge foo fan as well.

CC: Anything else you’d like to say to your fans or anything reading this interview?

BE: We truly hope everyone can connect to this record like we did. We wanted to make something that would last for a long, long time, and we really think we did, and we hope you enjoy every track. This album is everything we are and we are so excited for the world to hear it.

All questions answered by vocalist Ben English.

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Post and interview by Corey Kleinsasser

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