Famous Last Words talk touring, new material, and concept albums

Famous Last Words - Promo

CC: You guys put “A Two-Faced Charade, The Story Revealed” in the ‎Hoboken International Film Festival!, how did that go?

The film festival was fun! It’s always cool to see a project that you worked so hard on get some recognition and get screened at a festival.

CC: When can we expect a major motion picture on the big screen from you guys?

We are always working on new stuff, so we will see! Charlie Anderson (the director) and myself have some projects in mind, but “major motion picture” may be pushing it a bit at the moment.

CC: What can we expect from your upcoming release?

The new album still sounds like Famous Last Words, but a more mature Famous Last Words. The album brings a vibe and sound that I don’t think sounds like anything else out there right now.

CC: How will it be the same, and differ, from previous releases?

We didn’t cut back on the heavy, but we cut back on the chug breakdowns. We also made the cd very dynamic. Not one song sounds like the next. The story is also very intense and I’ve kept a lot of the details away from public knowledge. So if people want to know what happens, they will just have to listen and find out!

CC: Will there be a short-film based off of this album as well?

I would absolutely love to do a short film for every album, but that is a pricey endeavor. But with a high enough demand and some support from the fans, it’s totally possible.

CC: Why do you guys think creating concept albums is better or more important than just creating stand alone songs?

I wouldn’t say that concept albums are better or more important at all. For me, I just enjoy writing concept albums and crazy stories. It lets me almost score out the music like you would with a movie. So really, I just do it that way because I enjoy writing concept albums!

CC: What artists or albums got you initially interested in creating concept albums for yourselves?

Musicals got me more into the idea than bands. I grew up watching and listening to shows like Rent and The Phantom of the Opera, and those just really resonated with me. I loved the idea of writing music that could tell a story from beginning to end.

CC: I only notice three confirmed dates online. When are you guys going to be touring other than those dates?

All of the dates for the “Method to the Madness” Tour should be up now! We can’t wait to hit the road with Outline in Color, It Lives, It Breathes, and Open Your Eyes. We are all anticipating a great run ahead of us. You can get tickets and VIP packages below!


CC: How will this new concept translate to playing live?

For now we will probably play them just like any regular set. I’ve always wanted to have big stage production that I could use to incorporate the story more into our live performance though. Someday soon I hope!

All answers by lead singer Jeremy “JT” Tollas.





Post and interview by Corey Kleinsasser

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