Cage The Elephant unleashed in Seattle, Washington

Thousands of rockers showed up to Wamu Theater Sunday evening to rock out to Cage The Elephant and openers Portugal. The Man and Twin Peaks.

First up to perform was Chicago rock band, Twin Peaks. The band’s musical style could be described as a mixture of 60’s garage rock and the 2010’s garage punk, which meant they fit in perfectly with Seattle. The band seemed very joyful to be back in the pacific northwest and mentioned that mostly everyone in the band went to Evergreen College in Olympia, WA. The crowd wasn’t as enthusiastic since they were attempting to save their energy for the rest of the evening, but that didn’t stop them from dancing along to the band’s newest singles off their album Down in Heaven, that came out last month.

Up next was the Alaskan psychedelic rock band, Portugal. The Man. They, also having northwest roots, were stoked to be in Seattle after playing a show in Portland, Oregon, which is the band’s current hometown. The band’s keyboardist Kyle O’Quin, and bassist Eric Howk were perhaps the most excited to be here since they currently reside in Washington. Fans seemed eager to see them. Some even traveled from Portland to see them again. They pumped up the crowd with hit songs “So American” and “Modern Jesus” off their older albums and left the crowd with another hit in “Purple, Yellow, Red & Blue”.

Closing the show was Kentucky rock band, Cage The Elephant. As they walked out the crowd radiated with energy and the band did so in return. Matt Shultz’s performance gave off a constant pursuit of passion and connection with the crowd throughout their entire 90 minute set. He was bouncing around every inch of the stage and making connections with everyone in the crowd. The band played an 18-track set that included hit songs that you’ve probably heard on your local alternative radio station; “Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked”, “Cigarette Daydreams” “Come a Little Closer” & “Shake Me Down” as well as songs off their latest album Tell Me I’m Pretty such as “Trouble” and “Cry Baby”. When their set was over Shultz took a few minutes to tear the setlists into little pieces and hand them to every inch of the crowd.

This was my third time seeing Cage The Elephant and I definitely recommend seeing them if they come to your city. They are one of the best live bands out in the rock industry right now so don’t miss out on them!


Post and photos by Sarina Solem (Tumblr, IG: @sarinasolem)

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