Heavy metal emojis are finally here

Image by Corey Kleinsasser

Emojis have become a part of everyday communication. Why say what you have to say when you can text a small image of what you’re trying to say. Because technology, that’s why!

The Heavy Metal Emoji Keyboard is now a thing. If you’re even somewhat of a metalhead you’ll enjoy these “dark”, but metal, emojis  to fit your heavy metal lifestyle.

Some of the standouts are a devil with hearts for eyes, an RIP gravestone, a bloody spinning blade (we’re thinking of you Whitechapel fans), a joint, guitars, drumsticks, a chalice, a biohazard symbol, metal horns, bearded faces, long haired heads, and the always appropriate black heart (because only black hearted people love metal).

Available in the iOS app store for iPhones only at the moment, it’s making it’s way to Android soon. Send your heavy metal messages loud and clear to your friends when a tour is announced, when you’re awaiting the alcohol filled weekend, or when things are about to get truly bloody and BRUTAL!



Post and interview by Corey Kleinsasser

Will you be getting the Heavy Metal Emoji Keyboard? Comment below.

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