Getting to know Los Angeles band Blacktop Queen

Blacktop Queen - Promo

CC: Who exactly is Blacktop Queen? Can you give us a little band history?

Blacktop Queen is a three-piece alternative, garage rock band from Echo Park, California, recently formed from the ashes of past projects and breakups.  Nate Lotz (drummer) went through a relationship break up and a band break up in the same day so he called me (Evan Ambrose, Singer/Guitar) and Omar Ahmed(bass) to ease his pain by forming the band.  

CC: All you guys have spent time in previous acts, correct? What have you taken away from playing in those bands that make Blacktop Queen what it is today?

Both and myself (Evan) and Nate had recently had band breakups that year so Blacktop Queen was a fresh start to do something completely honest and true to them as artists and musicians.  It’s rare that bands have aligned visions and focuses, but due to our band histories we are able to share the creative vision to make the best art we can. I think the reason why most bands break up is because they can’t see eye to eye, so that was the most important factor when we formed.  We always want BTQ to be a true representation of our experiences and fantasies, so the art is always genuine for us.

CC: You guys have only released a handful of songs, which has garnered the most reception from the internet community and fans?

It’s always hard to know how songs effect people in different ways but it seems that our most recent release “BLACKOUT” has gotten the most collective love and interest.  It has been great to see how people react to it!

CC: When are you guys planning on releasing some more new music and a full length/EP?

We currently don’t have any specific calendar dates to release a full length record but we will absolutely keep releasing music.  We write songs nonstop so we are never in short supply of content.  As long as people keep listening, we will keep going!

CC: You guys just played a hometown show at the world famous Troubadour in Los Angeles, how was that?

It was amazing!  It was a soldout show and we got to share the stage with Bishop Briggs.  The crowd had great energy and we had a blast! The Troubadour has so much history so it’s always special to play great shows at venues that are so inspiring.  

CC: Where are you hoping you guys can travel to play your live show?

We want to play all over the world! We love to travel and play so our plans are definitely to tour this next coming year.

CC: Describe Blacktop Queen in 4 words.


CC: What does the rest half of 2016 hold for you guys?

We are continuing to write, record and play shows.  We are looking at hitting the road at end of this year leading into 2017 for a full year of touring, but before the touring we are shooting for September for our next show so keep a look out!

CC: Any final thoughts or things you’d like to say to your fans?

Feel free to reach out!  We love to interact and connect with everyone so don’t hesitate.


All questions answered by Evan Ambrose, vocalist and guitarist.


Post and interview by Corey Kleinsasser

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