Guttermouth sticks to their guns on new EP and talks process

Guttermouth - Promo

CC: How does it feel to release your first new material (Got it Made EP) in 10 years?

We feel good about getting this out. We are happy with the way it turned out and it didn’t have the “we gotta get a record out” feel that many bands get stuck in. It has obviously taken a while but it happened when it was supposed to.

CC: What made you want to release new material in 2016 after such a long break from making new music?

The band has put quite a few releases over the years and there is often pressure to make music that equals certain releases. The process of that can burn you out and you lose track of why you are writing songs.

When you also start writing to “please” your fans, you are setting yourself up for failure. With this EP, we were just ready to write and throw some new songs in the mix. We did not listen to a specific album and say “we need to do this again”. There was a point where any of us would have said that there will never be another Guttermouth release.

CC: Over that 10 years, how has the punk rock world changed the way you created the Got it Made EP?

I don’t necessarily think punk changed anything we do. For the most part, the new bands are “safe” and “fun” and scared to push the envelope because they are too worried about losing fans, followers, likes, or whatever they are calling it now.

We have fun and we say what we want to in our songs, which is probably evident if you read some of the lyrics. Could we have written 6 songs that are safe, fun, and happy? Yes, we could. But that would be more boring than the current state of punk rock. We will continue to do what we always have.

CC: What can people expect from the old Guttermouth sound, and what can they expect that is new?

As far as this new EP goes, give it a listen and you tell us. We have heard all kinds of comparisons already so we couldn’t say.

CC: Are there any artists from the last 10 years that you’ve been listening to a lot that influenced this?

Everyday life has probably influenced this more than a band. As far as music goes, we all listen to a very broad spectrum of music, so it would be hard to answer that as each member has different tastes.

CC: Are you guys planning on touring to support this new EP?

Yes. We have toured pretty heavily over the past few years and will continue to do so. Hopefully we will get back to Europe finally and some new places we have not been yet, like South America.

CC: What does the second half of 2016 hold for you guys?

We will probably tour the US to support the EP release and possibly some overseas shows.


All questions answered by guitarist Geoff Armstrong.


Post and interview by Corey Kleinsasser

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