Thrice sells out Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles

Thrice kicked off their first official tour at the Shrine Auditorium since announcing their return last year.  The band played a couple intimate shows in Southern California last year and many one off festivals throughout the country. The band is officially back in action with this current tour and a new full-length album To Be Everywhere is to be Nowhere.

Thrice collectively took fans on a journey through their discography. They played many tracks from their new album, as well as play some of their most well-known songs such as “The Artist in the Ambulance” and  “Cold Cash and Colder Hearts.”

The Southern California band also brought some upcoming talent to support them on this run of dates: La Dispute and Gates.

La Dispute is best known for their poetic, spoken-word lyrics, accompanied with instrumental music to better convey the emotion of the lyrics.

The mood for their set was a melancholic atmosphere as two amber and one clear light from above were the only things incorporated into their set.  Vocalist Jordan Dreyer brought the lyrics to life as he passionately ran across the stage and into the crowd.

Gates provided phenomenal support, as their atmospheric blend of ambient and post-rock music filled the hall with bliss and emotion.  Gates may be a fresh, new band off the block, however, they collectively played with talent and maturity to rival many other bands that have put time in and paid their dues.

The entire show was an emotional roller-coaster and definitely an event that needed to be seen live in order to comprehend all the subtle emotions that made the night one to remember.

  1. Hurricane
  2. Silhouette
  3. Of Dust and Nations
  4. All the World is Mad
  5. Black Honey
  6. Backdraft (first time since 2008)
  7. The Long Defeat
  8. Wood and Wire (live debut)
  9. The Sky is Falling (first time since 2008)
  10. Treading Paper
  11. Daedalus
  12. Cold Cash and Colder Hearts
  13. Hold Fast Hope
  14. Blood on the Sand (live debut)
  15. Death from Above
  16. Anthology
  17. For Miles
  18. The Artist in the Ambulance
  19. In Years to Come (first time since 2007)
  20. The Earth Will Shake


Post and photos by Matt Saunders

Did you attend this tour?  Comment below with your thoughts.

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