Farewell My Love talks sound, new label, and new music

Farewell My Love - Promo

CC: You guys just released a video for your song “Crazy”. How was it shooting that? Where did you guys shoot it?

It was an absolutely amazing experience! We shot at a place called CIA in Los Angeles, CA. The vibe of the location fit perfectly with what we were looking for. It reminded us of a vintage, 1920’s circus. Big thank you to everyone that was involved too!

CC: What made you guys choose your “self proclaimed theatrical rock sound”?

I think what makes a lot of the best songs what they are is the drama behind them. Taking the emotions we go through day by day and exaggerating them to make them more interesting & relatable to people.

CC: What inspires you guys to make that “theatrical rock sound”?

I know personally for myself growing up I was greatly influenced by the collaboration between director Tim Burton & composer Danny Elfman. Together they had the power to take you from the world you are living in & bring you into theirs. To me, that was something we wanted to achieve with our band. Basically allowing our fans to let go of whatever is bothering them or putting them down & come into our world where we accept them for who they are and celebrate them as individuals.

CC: Have you guys ever envisioned a theater show based off of your music?

That’s definitely something we want to explore in the future. We’ve always strived to make very visual music, so I feel like it would be very fitting to do that eventually.

CC: Can you talk about your signing with CRCL records? Why did you guys decide to go with this new label? How do you feel being the first band to be signed with them?

CRCL Records is something we were very excited about announcing because it’s OUR label. It’s been amazing having the freedom to make all the decisions moving forward with our career & we couldn’t be happier.

CC: When can we expect a new album?

We’re going to be making more announcements very soon.  

CC: You guys are playing with the newly reunited I am Ghost on October 22 in Anaheim, how excited are you to be playing that?

One of the first shows I ever went to was an I Am Ghost show, before I even started my first band. That show was hands down one of the main things that inspired me to pursue music. So with that being said, I am VERY excited to share this special night with them.

CC: What else do you guys have planned for 2016?

Lots & lots of new content coming out!

CC: Anything else you’d like to say to your fans, friends or anything else?

Thank you all for your love & support. Be sure to stay tuned for A LOT of new announcements coming soon from us.

All questions answered by vocalist Chad Kowal.






Post and interview by Corey Kleinsasser

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