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To say that Issues have transformed their sound would be an understatement.

The once vengeful and angst-filled band have left their sound in the past, as the band now proudly boasts a new sound that is an even mix of nü metal (rap-rock) and R&B.

The single “COMA” is the best indicator for the band’s new found focus on the R&B elements of their sound, while their initial single “The Realest” shows the band still having their feet firm to the ground with rap-rock influences.

Many critics compare the sounds of nü metal as “immature”, with Limp Bizkit being a prominent contributor of the genre, however, do not let these bitter critiques deter judgement for Issues’ latest album Headspace, because it is the band’s maturest release to date.

“Lost-n-Found (on a Roll)” is probably the best indicator of this maturity, as more intricate songwriting went into this song, as well as the album itself, including the very prominent key change that can be heard near the end of the song.

The album overall leans more to the pop and R&B side of the spectrum than the metal.  Take this observation with a grain of salt.  Although pop seems to dominate this album, the metal parts still scream (for lack of better words) louder than the pop elements, but it was still very particular to see a band who made a name for themselves in the metal community to make such a drastic change of sound.

Regardless, the overall production and composition of this album was phenomenal and overall a solid follow up to their previous, Self-Titled, release.

If “R. Kelly meets Limp Bizkit with a dash of ‘djent'” tickles your fancy, definitely check out this new album by Issues. It will be on the list for many as a contender for album of the year.

  1. The Realest
  2. Home Soon
  3. Lost-n-Found (on a Roll)
  4. Yung & Dum
  5. Made to Last
  6. Flojo
  7. Hero
  8. COMA
  9. Bank Rider
  10. Blue Wall
  11. Someone who Does
  12. I always Knew
  13. Slow Me Down


Post by Matthew Saunders

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