Destroy the Runner discusses return, new EP, and how fans can help

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CC: First of all, welcome back! I myself and very happy you guys are back together and working on new material. What have you been up to since you guys initially took your hiatus?

We’ve been up to a lot! It’s been years since we were together as a group so, as you could imagine, a lot has happened. Some of us went back to school and finished degrees. Some of us got married and we’ve all been working separately on different music projects. Kyle has been spending some time on his solo stuff. Nick is playing with Hell or Highwater with Brandon from Atreyu. Marc and Duane put a couple records out with an LA based band called Other Mountains.

CC: Besides the album, why are you excited to be back together?

It’s great to have the old crew back together again. We’re a family and we’ve remained close over the years so it’s exciting to be hanging out, working on music, and having a good time along the way.

CC: Did you ever think you were going to return to the studio during your hiatus?

When we went on hiatus I don’t think any of us knew what would happen in the future. We definitely needed a break at the time. We needed to sort out our personal lives, make some money and establish ourselves as individuals. That time off really put us in good places and we started talking about our return about a year ago.

CC: Where will you guys be recording the new EP and who else will you be working with?

We’ll be tracking a majority of the album at a studio in San Diego called Rarefied with our friend Daniel Castleman. Daniel did some work on [our first album] Saints, so we’re excited to be working with him again.  

CC: What can fans expect to hear as far as sound?

We really want to get back to the roots of where this band started so you can expect it to be heavy and fast. Screaming, breakdowns and riffage! Most of us have had a lot of influence from other, more atmospheric, genres over the years so we are going to be working a bit of that into the mix as well.  

CC: Do you guys have any shows planned in the near future?

We all are currently living in different parts of the country so it’s hard make that happen right now. We love the idea of doing some shows and will definitely be talking about how we can do that.  

CC: Why should fans contribute to the Indiegogo campaign for your new EP?

In the past, we had funding from a record label to record our records, which was obviously very helpful. Now we’re an unsigned band and it’s definitely a financial challenge to make an album the way we think it should be made. We contemplated doing it ourselves but there are a lot of things that get sacrificed when doing that. We are not recording engineers or mixers, we’re musicians and we really want to be able to focus on our performances. Frankly, records cost a lot of money to make and we weren’t going to be able to do it on our own. We really want fans to think of it as buying in to be a part of the process or as purchasing an album before it’s made.

CC: Besides the new EP, what else does the future hold for Destroy the Runner?

We really hope that this EP will open the door for more opportunities. Given the right circumstances, it would be great to get back on tour and keep this thing going!

CC: Anything else you’d like to say?

We’re so thankful that so many fans are supporting us and pitching in their hard earned money to help out. It’s really mind blowing to see all the support and we’re very grateful for that.

All answers by Duane Reed.


Post and interview by Corey Kleinsasser

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