Star Wars Headspace album review

Star Wars - Headspace

Even though “May The Fourth” was last week, there is great news for Star Wars and EDM fans; there is an album for you that is going to send you into hyperspace. Released in February, Star Wars Headspace was produced by the legendary Rick Rubin (who is basically Master Yoda in the music industry), featuring samples from the movie curated by various popular EDM artists.

Artists such as GTA and TroyBoi opted for more traditional samples from the franchise such as: lightsabers, Darth Vader’s notorious breathing, and Princess Leia voiceovers, with their songs “Help Me!” and “Force”.

“Cantina Boys”, produced by Baauer, is a fresh arrangement of the cantina song in the movie Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. Think of it as a modern version of the song that you’d be more likely to hear in a bar far, far away.

One of the only novelty songs on the album is “R2 Knows”, by Claude VonStroke and Barry Drift. The narrative song is a high-bass club beat, much like VonStroke’s music. Their track tells the quirky tale of the original trilogy in 6 minutes and 14 seconds.

Other well known EDM producers include Kaskade, Flying Lotus, Galantis, ATTLAS, and many others. Each bring their own unique tastes and styles that reach a variety of electronic music listeners. While it is aimed at people who are into the genre, it can definitely, and was intended, to lure in any Star Wars fan who is looking for a new twist on our beloved characters and intergalactic sound bites.

So while you’re blasting John Williams’ scores from all seven films, and Meco’s Star Wars disco theme (don’t pretend like you don’t secretly love it and hope to roller skate to it someday). Give Headspace a listen today.

May the Force be with you!

  1. Kaskade – C-3PO’s Plight
  2. GTA – Help Me!
  3. TroyBoi – Force
  4. Baauer – Cantina Boys
  5. Shag Kava, A-Trak – Jabba Flo – Rick Rubin Re-Work
  6. Claude VonStroke, Barry Drift – R2 Knows
  7. Rick Rubin – NR-G7
  8. Bonobo – Ghomrassen
  9. Röyksopp – Bounty Hunters
  10. ATTLAS – Sunset Over Manaan
  11. Flying Lotus – R2 Where R U?
  12. Shlohmo – Druid Caravan of Smoke
  13. Rustie – EWOK PUMPP
  14. Galantis – Scruffy-Looking Nerfherder
  15. Breakbot – Star Tripper

Post by Gigi Gradillas

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