The Virginmarys “Divides” sets the bar high and never lowers it

The Virginmarys - Divides

The Virginmarys, from the UK, are back with their follow up from King of Conflict, released in 2013. This release, Divides, is out today.

The entire album is on a rocket that never seems to slow down. It has powerful, hard rock elements that will vibe well with those that enjoy the genre.

The album’s first track, “Push the Pedal”, does that and pushes it to the metal. It sets the tone and raises the bar for the rest of the record.

“For You My Love” is a fast paced, energetic, emotional wave of lyrics and guitar rhythms that will have anyone listening or seeing them live sing along to.

“Halo in her Silhouette” and “Kill the Messenger” are some of the highlights as well.

“Into Dust” was the first single off the album and one of the best.

For those that are unfamiliar with the UK band, vocalist Ally Dickaty has a similar sounding voice to Buckcherry singer Josh Todd, including all the screams. That’s already rocking! Add the similar hard rocking sounds of The Subways and you have a match made in rock and roll heaven, or The Virginmarys on earth.

Twelve tracks is the perfect amount of songs to kick you into high gear and just right to blast out of your car with the windows rolled down during your next road trip.

Divides is an amazing sophomore album from the trio and hopefully it can catapult them to worldwide success.

  1. Push the Pedal
  2. For You My Love
  3. Halo in her Silhouette
  4. Free to do Whatever they Say
  5. I Wanna Take You Home
  6. Walk in my Shoes
  7. Kill the Messenger
  8. Into Dust
  9. Moths to a Flame
  10. Motherless Land
  11. Living in my Peace


Post by Corey Kleinsasser

What are your thoughts on The Virginmarys and Divides?  Comment below.

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