M83 “Junk”: a vintage yard sale

M83 - Junk

French band M83 is back for their seventh album, Junk. Released on April 8, frontman Anthony Gonzalez has delivered an album that serves almost any mood; from extraterrestrial electronic dance music to mysterious, yet beautiful love ballads sung in French.

Most listeners are familiar with M83 for their song “Midnight City”, which was notoriously used in the commercial for the 2011 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Gonzalez’s use of synthesizers in “Midnight City” carries over into Junk with tracks such as “Go!”, “Bibi the Dog”, and “Walkway Blues”. It is clear Gonzalez was very much influenced by the ‘80s. The sounds in these songs keep the same momentum going that new fans will be very excited for.

The first song on the album, “Do it, Try it”, introduces the album with an electronic keyboard and pop-like lyrics. It has already been picked up by ALT 98.7, in Los Angeles, and is sure to take over airwaves in the next coming weeks.

Mai Lan, also a French artist, is featured on four of the tracks. Lan’s talent is showcased on the second track, “Go!” by her ability to naturally cut her voice, as opposed to electronically editing it. It kept the vocals natural and hypnagogic. The countdown in the song leads to a chorus of a catchy rhythm and rock influences. Closing out the song is a classic rock guitar solo.

“Atlantique Sud” is also another spotlight on Lan, but in a different key, as one of the softer songs on the album. Joining Lan for the French vocals is Gonzalez. The climatic piano and violin melodies are a nice follow up to the band’s 2014 album, You and the Night.  

The balance of the two ambiances created on this album can perhaps be found on “Time Wind”, featuring Grammy Award winner, Beck. The song is calming, yet upbeat, and a nice comedown for those interested in the dance tracks Junk has to offer.

While it is titled Junk, I’d like to think of it as more of a buffet of sounds that serves all your dancing and emotional needs. Perhaps listeners need an A-side and B-side to separate the electro dance tracks from the French ballads, so as to not confuse listeners with the entropy of the album. Altogether, it can be clear why it may be titled so, but in their rightful categories, Gonzalez shines and proves to be a very versatile and talented artist.

M83 has already performed at Coachella this year and is currently touring from now until late summer.

  1. Do It, Try it
  2. Go! (feat. Mai Lan)
  3. Walkway Blues (feat. Jordan Lawlor)
  4. Bibi the Dog (feat. Mai Lan)
  5. Moon Crystal
  6. For the Kids (feat. Susanne Sundfor)
  7. Solitude
  8. The Wizard
  9. Laser Gun (feat. Mai Lan)
  10. Road Blaster
  11. Tension
  12. Atlantique Sud (feat. Mai Lan)
  13. Time Wind (feat. Beck)
  14. Ludivine
  15. Sunday Night 1987


Post by Gigi Gradillas

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