A Scent Like Wolves talk Frigid Future, sound, and tours

A Scent Like Wolves - Promo

CC: What is A Scent Like Wolves all about?

We’re all about having a good time! ASLW is comprised of a bunch of nerdy dudes that love anime and music.

CC: What do you hope people think when they catch the scent of your band?

In a perfect world, some kind of positive reaction. If the music doesn’t do it for the listener, maybe the lyrics will! In reality, all we want is for people to check out a song or two by us. That would be rad.

CC: Why did you guys decide to choose the sound/genre of your music?

Natural causes, we love all kinds of music. I think at the time we were feeling to fuse a sound like Funeral for a Friend and Taking Back Sunday into a heavier structure like The Devil Wears Prada. I don’t often give examples, but I think it kind of puts things into perspective.

CC: Can you guys describe what you sound like to those who haven’t heard of you?

The punchy, catchy choruses are there, combined with heavy guitars and an alternative feel. All of us are really into post-hardcore, alternative, pop-punk, etc. I think we listen to less heavy music than we ever have at the moment. *laughs

CC: Frigid Future was just released, what has been the feedback on that from fans and critics?

We have received so many positive vibes from our fans in the U.S. and Japan! Most critics have been very receptive, so we are happy about that too! I think people didn’t really expect us to change so drastically on this album, which was quite shocking to our fanbase (in a good way) that we took the heavier route. Thank you to everybody who purchased the album thus far!

CC: How long did it take to create that album?

The band started recording demos for songs in Spring 2014. Suddenly, we hit this crazy sporadic writing period that enabled us to do some damage working on the album. During Frigid Future, we wanted to go outside of our comfort zones and create a different sound. We like doing that every time we write an album or EP. Who really wants to hear the same album again? Not us. But yeah, this album is by far our favorite and was a very challenging experience!

CC: If you could sum up the album in only five words, what would it be?

“I’ll bleed over and over” – a lyric from “Just a Shade of Blue”. The album is about relinquishment, migration and the future of mankind as a whole. Sometimes you have to stay strong in the dark, before you can reach the light.

CC: Who are you guys hoping to tour with?

We all have different answers for that. To throw a couple of names out there, it would be cool to land a tour with Every Time I Die or Architects.

CC: What does the rest of 2016 hold for you guys?

We still have a few tours to announce yet! The band is starting to write some new material as well.

CC: Anything else?

ASLW just dropped our new video for “Haunted”! Check it! Thank you for the interview and thanks to all the fans who have picked up a copy of Frigid Future!

All questions answered by vocalist Al Boltz.






Interview and post by Corey Kleinsasser

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