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Cold Summer speaks on new EP, touring Europe, and influences


CC: What is Cold Summer all about?

First and foremost, it’s a creative outlet for us four guys, we kind of have a goal to make the music we’d like to hear. A big part of that is also inspiring other people too, which comes more as we play live. We certainly try to do the best we can with what we have as a band.

CC: What has been the reception for your latest video for “A Time Imagination Forgot to Inspire”?

It’s been a big step up from anything we’ve ever done before. We do all our own press, so seeing the video being shared all over the world is quite weird and exciting time as you don’t know where it could lead. Some of the places we’ve seen it being shared around we’d love to play! The feedback from press and fans has been great too, as we weren’t entirely sure how the new stuff (starting with this track) would be received. We certainly felt it was our best recorded material to date.

CC: What can people expect off of your upcoming “Fight to Survive” EP?

I think the hard work we’ve put in over the last 18 months will certainly show. It was a mixture of adapting to working to a self imposed deadline. After touring in 2014, we wanted to get a record done as soon as we could follow up our release in 2013. We’ve always aimed to be a prolific band, but not at the sacrifice of rushing a release out.

CC: Have you toured North America yet?

We haven’t unfortunately. Our friends in Milk Teeth are out there at the moment with Citizen, Turnover, and Soriety Noise, and it looks like an amazing, vast place to experience and tour.

CC: Where are you hoping to play shows soon?

We really want to get ourselves over to Europe as well, we’ve just had consideration for a tour over there supporting another band, but we didn’t get chosen for it in the end.

CC: What did you think your “big break” was?

The He is Legend Tour i think has to be the biggest thing we’ve done to date. In terms of the UK it reached us to a wider audience. We actually feel at this moment in time, in the build up to the release of the Fight to Survive EP was kind of a break for us. We’re starting to get quite consistent radio play and magazine coverage. It does feel like we are starting to appear and be picked up on peoples radars.

CC: Who are your biggest influences?  

Deftones  is a band we all really like. We all like letlive. too. Dan (vocalist) really loves punk rock bands, in particular Green Day and Rise Against. They really influence his songwriting from the ground up.

CC: What does the rest of 2016 hold for Cold Summer?

Touring, writing, touring, writing, and recording. Hopefully in that order!

All questions answered by drummer Justin Eastwood.


Interview and post by Corey Kleinsasser

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