Ascendia talks inspiration, favorite songs, and anniversary of debut album

Ascendia - Promo

CC: What is Ascendia all about?  And while we’re at it, what does the band name originate from?

Ascendia has always been about writing music that we want to hear. Our goal has always been to create a mature sound that leaves an emotional impact on whoever is listening; songs that are memorable and lasting. In terms of our name, I believe Billy (drummer) thought of it one day while watching Godzilla in theaters! Turned out we all loved it, so it stuck.

CC: How do you guys pull off songs that are much longer than most popular rock songs?

We try our best not to focus too hard on things like song length when we are putting ideas together. We feel that If the hooks are strong and well thought out then people will enjoy the music. A few longer tracks on an album is always good to switch things up!

CC: Where do you pull that inspiration from?

The truth is that inspiration comes from everywhere. It can come from listening to other artists, watching movies, or even the nonsense that pops in our heads randomly. For instance, “Starlit Eyes” was written while I was in the shower years ago. It makes no sense!

CC: The anniversary for your debut album The Lion and the Jester just passed, how much has happened in that past year, and how do you plan on surpassing those achievements for the next year?

When we released The Lion and the Jester, we had no expectation on how it would be received and whether it would even get noticed. We were absolutely stunned by the feedback once our single “At the End of It all” was released, and had to create a pre-order option for our album.

The biggest achievement we made this year was being invited to play at the legendary Prog-Power USA festival in 2016. We will be playing in an event where most of our heroes have played and now we’ll be able place our mark on that stage. This year we plan on just building on the momentum we have already created. We are confident that this year will be an even bigger year for us!

CC: What is your favorite song to play off of the album?

I would have to say “At the End of it All.” It just seems to translate so well in a live setting and we always get a big crowd response, which is the most rewarding part.

CC: How do you pick and choose which songs will be played live?

We are constantly experimenting with song choices and song orders. It can be difficult at times, but we try to pick the songs that we know our fans want to hear.

CC: What would you tell bands who are trying to get to, or even exceed, your level of success as a band?

Besides writing great music that you love and practicing your craft, it is helpful to understand the business side of this industry. A lot of bands miss out on the importance of using social media to connect with their fans and grow their fan base in general. Always treat your fans well and they will return the favor by spreading the word about your music. It’s an amazing relationship!

CC: Besides your home city of Toronto, what other places do Ascendia fans come from?

Ascendia fans come from all over the place.  We have a nice little following in the United States and have sold albums from anywhere between UK and Australia. It’s incredibly bizarre to know that somewhere in the world that you have never been to, someone is cranking your album in their car!

CC: Who are you hoping to play and or tour with in the future?

The ones that come to mind are: Kamelot, Evergrey, Nightwish, Killswitch Engage, Myrath, Trivium etc.

CC: What does the rest of 2016 hold for you guys?

We are shooting our third music video this month and have plans for a couple big tours throughout the year. We hope to be making some big announcements soon.

CC: Anything else?

Thanks guys for taking the time to interview us!


All questions answered by guitarist John Lov.


Post and interview by Corey Kleinsasser

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