From Ashes to New “Day One” album review

From Ashes to New - Day One

Day One, by Pennsylvania rockers From Ashes to New, is the debut album released today through Better Noise Records.  The album features 11 tracks that are a hard hitting freight train, with dynamite vocals, loud and aggressive guitar work, and drums that complement well with all of it.

Singers Chris Musser and Matt Brandyberry trade off on vocal duties throughout Day One.  Brandyberry specializes in the rap-rock style lyrics, while Musser sings more of the cleaner vocals, but but screaming at piques and choruses to add more flair to the hard rocking songs.

The band released the Downfall EP last year with all four songs on that release put on Day One, and those fit perfectly into this debut full-length.  Whether you’re a fan of hard rock, metalcore, rap-rock, or metal, this album is for you.  It is so diverse, but it works so well.  Very few artists will take a chance and blend so many rock genres and make it work well, but this five-piece band and their debut album have done that.

Rock is not dead by any means, because From Ashes To New is proving why it is still loud and kicking ass.

Keep an eye out for this band in 2016, as they are already slated for a summer tour and will be sure to break down more doors and tour with many more diverse bands and artists.

  1. Land of Make Believe
  2. Further from Home
  3. Lost and Alone
  4. Shadows
  5. Through it All
  6. Face the Day
  7. Downfall
  8. Breaking Now
  9. Every Second
  10. Same Old Story
  11. You Only Die Once

From Ashes to New - Promo

Post by Corey Kleinsasser

What are your thoughts on From Ashes to New and Day One?  Comment below.

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