The ReAktion rocks out at Rock City Studios

We caught the Chilean trio band The ReAktion at Camarillo’s brand new music venue, Rock City Studios, on Feb. 5, where they played along with three other amazing bands: Slant, Monarch Theatre and Galvanized Souls.

Even though the stage was small, The ReAktion’s unique approach of infusing alternative rock, metal, and electronica permeated throughout the entire venue that night – everyone seemed to be captivated with the band’s audacious, yet composed performance.

They played a 45-minute long set of songs from their debut album, Selknam, released October 2015. Lead vocalist and guitarist Simon Rojas tore through his spirally wrapped solar rope microphone with dynamic vocals.  The band’s collective passion, energy and deliverance assured the audience that they just straight-up love to rock out, period.

For anyone who would like to get a satisfying and refreshing dose of rock and electronica music, do not miss out on checking them out. They have plenty of North American shows coming up.


Post and photos by Leanna Ahmed

What are your thoughts on The ReAktion?  Comment below.

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