Cosmonaut talk inception, new release, and 2016

Cosmonaut - Promo

Cosmonaut is a three-piece band out of Grand Rapids, Michigan, comprised of Brian George, Josh Stacey, and Rodney Johnson.

Vocalist and guitarist Brian George spoke with us for a quick interview.

-Can you please talk about the inception of Cosmonaut?

We played together years ago with a different singer and were just too lazy to come up with a different name.


-Where do you draw your musical inspirations from?

Mostly from places where the guitar parts are easy. Playing and singing is hard.


-For those who haven’t heard you quite yet, what would you say you sound like?

A shitty Nirvana.


-What has been the reception to your latest self-titled release?

People seem to like it. Apparently all the songs sound the same…


-What have live performances from Cosmonaut been like?

We’ve been playing for more people and in different cities so I get less bored. Plus Josh has been knocking over his drum set a lot, dodging flying drums is always fun.


-Who would you like to play a show or tour with?

We played with Death From Above 1979 a few months ago, they were really cool and a pretty good style match. Maybe them or METZ?


-What is your ultimate goal with Cosmonaut?

To play music for money.


-When being interviewed, what is something you wish the interviewer would ask you guys?

If we’d like to plug our new album. Don’t mind if I do…

Cosmonaut - Album cover

-What are your thoughts on the new Star Wars film?

Eh, I’m not real big on nostalgia to be honest.

-What are your plans/did you do for the holidays?

Mostly just spent time with family and friends, and avoided the internet.

What are your thoughts on Cosmonaut?  Comment below.

Interview and post by Corey Kleinsasser

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