Parkway Drive headlines the Wiltern in Los Angeles

Parkway Drive brought their Ire Tour to the Wiltern in Los Angeles on Saturday evening.  The show was the second to last date on the tour, ending Sunday in Las Vegas, and in support of their latest release Ire.

The band headlined with great revere and took their global success to a new level, headlining in one of the biggest cities on the planet.  Ire’s success has fans of new and old coming wanting more.

The band took the stage ready to show the crowd what they were made of.  The audience was ready as well and gave everything they had.  As soon as the band came out and their backtrack to “Destroyer” started playing, everyone in the stands belted their hearts out.  Another new track with “Dying to Believe” played and the crowd couldn’t have been happier.  The new album gave fans somewhat of a cleaner vocal sound but still sticks to their dominant metalcore roots.

“Carrion” was screamed by everyone who has been a fan of the band for quite some time, as it was the last song played throughout many of their sets the last number of years.  Without guitarists Jeff Ling and Jia O’Connor, the band would not be where they are now, as many of their songs contain easily recognizable riffs and breakdowns.  “Idols and Anchors” held down the fort with great and not so easy guitar solos throughout.

“Deliver Me” brought out singer of In Hearts Wake Jake Taylor to finish the song with lead singer of the headliners Winston McCall.  “Romance is Dead” never goes out of style when these guys play, which is now the only song the band sings from their debut album, but also one of their most popular amongst fans.

Following “Swing” the band exited the stage and returned with the second single off their latest album, “Crushed” and then finalized their performance with the most audience participation for the evening in “Home is for the Heartless.”  The band constantly thanked the Los Angeles crowd and played a wonderful set from beginning to end.  They will no doubt have to play a large venue next time they are in the area.

Miss May I, being the only American band on the bill, took to the stage like seasoned professionals and seem to be getting better with age.  They make every show for the fans and an attempt to one-up themselves time after time.  The band played many songs off their new album, Deathless, and many of their past hits, most of which, the crowd went nutty for.  Led by Levi Benton, he made sure the crowd interacted plenty with the band during each song, which the audience went along with.

Thy Art is Murder played second and knew how to get their fans riled up, simply by playing their music.  The lone deathcore band on the bill, the pit went insane for the entirety of their set.  With crowd surfers, hardcore dancing and crowd surfers, this band knew what the people wanted.  Lead singer Chris “CJ” McMahon even suggested that people take off their shirt and twirl it around like he did to get even more participation going.

In Hearts Wake opened the night to plenty of fans that arrived early to catch their set.  This band is still coming into their own but used their time wisely.  The band even brought out clean vocalist from Miss May I Ryan Neff to join in on the song “Breakaway.”


Parkway Drive

  1. Destroyer
  2. Dying to Believe
  3. Carrion
  4. Dark Days
  5. Karma
  6. Vice Grip
  7. Idols and Anchors
  8. Deliver Me (w/Jake Taylor of In Hearts Wake)
  9. Wild Eyes
  10. Bottom Feeder
  11. Romance is Dead
  12. Swing
  13. Crushed
  14. Home is for the Heartless
Miss May I

  1. I.H.E.
  2. Relentless Chaos
  3. Bastards Left Behind
  4. Our Kings
  5. Deathless
  6. Masses of a Dying Breed
  7. Forgive and Forgive
  8. Turn Back the Time
  9. Hey Mister
Thy Art is Murder

  1. Absolute Genocide
  2. Coffin Dagger
  3. Shadow of Eternal Sin
  4. The Purest Strain of Hate
  5. Reign of Darkness
  6. Light Bearer
  7. Holy War
In Hearts Wake

  1. Earthwalker
  2. Survival (The Chariot)
  3. Badlands
  4. Healer
  5. Afterglow
  6. Breakaway (w/ Ryan Neff from Miss May I)
  7. Divine


Did you attend the Ire Tour? How was it?  Comment below.

Post and review by Corey Kleinsasser

Photos by Matthew Saunders

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