Good Charlotte plays comeback show at the Troubadour

Good Charlotte made a comeback recently with their new single “Makeshift Love,” and a show at the Troubadour in West Hollywood on November 19. After being on haitus for more than four years, the band’s first show was a huge success, selling out the venue in under 10 seconds. They called it their “hometown show” and Joel Madden said “In the United States, this is our first show in probably almost five or six years.” Good Charlotte fans were ecstatic with the news, and according to Twitter, some even flew out from other parts of the country for the show.

Not only were some of Good Charlotte’s biggest fans there to support them, but also many famous friends including: Nicole Richie (Joel Madden’s wife), Cameron Diaz (Benji Madden’s wife), Lionel Richie, Mikey Way (bassist for My Chemical Romance), Luke Hemmings and Calum Hood (5 Seconds of Summer), and John Feldmann (lead vocalist/rhythm guitarist for Goldfinger, producer/writer for Good Charlotte and 5 Seconds of Summer).

“The reason we wanted to start it here tonight was because LA has given us so much,” said Joel. “We live here. We make records here. We get to work with amazing artists, and really we’ve gotten to live our dreams.”

The band played a variety of songs off of their albums Good Charlotte, The Young and the Hopeless, The Chronicles of Life and Death, and Good Morning Revival, as well as their latest effort. Some of the biggest hits of the night included “The Anthem,” “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous,” “Hold On,” “I Don’t Wanna be in Love,” “Girls and Boys,” and “I just Wanna Live.” Benji Madden even said, “This has got a good vibe tonight, it’s a good sing along vibe.”

For their upcoming album, the band is working with producer John Feldmann, whose band, Goldfinger, they toured with in their early days.

“Our whole career we’ve been dying to make a record with John Feldmann, and we finally got to make our John Feldmann record and we’re very excited about that,” Benji said.  The Madden brothers even recounted stories where they yelled “Good Charlotte” into a mic at a Goldfinger show, and when John took them surfing. Before playing the first single off the new album, Makeshift Love, Joel said, “By the time we get to the third chorus of this song John Feldmann better be on this stage singing.” Feldmann did just that, singing by the second, and crowdsurfing by the third.

The band was really grateful and appreciative of the crowd for their comeback show. Joel said, “Listen, the truth is that we wanted to come out tonight, we wanted to play our first show in our adopted home, Los Angeles, for a bunch of our friends and families and all of our most supportive people. But seriously we want to thank you guys for showing the support you have online and the fact that this show sold out in less than ten seconds, it blew our minds, so we just want to thank you guys for that.”

Good Charlotte’s new album will be out next year and are touring with All Time Low overseas in support of the album.

  1. The Anthem
  2. The Story of My Old Man
  3. My Bloody Valentine
  4. Girls & Boys
  5. Riot Girl
  6. The Motivation Proclamation
  7. Hold on
  8. The Chronicles of Life and Death
  9. Walk Away
  10. Makeshift Love
  11. The Young & the Hopeless
  12. Little Things
  13. The River
  14. Dance Floor Anthem
  15. I just Wanna Live
  16. Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous


What are your thoughts on Good Charlotte’s comeback?  Comment below.

Post and photos by Hailey Haskell

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