Getting to know XO Stereo


XO Stereo, out of Los Angeles, recently released their debut EP The Struggle (can be purchased below). Each member of the three-piece band spoke with us recently on a variety of topics from their latest EP, touring, and much more.

The topics ranged from (fast forward to the start time for each topic):


0:46 – Introduction of each member

4:01 – Why they all decided to start XO Stereo

6:00 – Incorporating similiar and/or different sounds from previous bands

8:52 – Talking about The Struggle EP

10:06 – Why an EP rather than a full album

12:08 – The reception on the EP

13:52 – Covering “Send Me an Angel” on The Struggle EP

15:27 – Plans for future touring

16:46 – Anxious to tour

17:56 – Final thoughts

18:30 – Getting a copy of the The Struggle EP

19:20 – Bonus round


The Struggle EP

Amazon –

iTunes –

Interview and post by Corey Kleinsasser

What are your thoughts on XO Stereo?  Comment below.

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