Knotfest 2015 leaves thousands hanging by a thread: Day 2

Knotfest 2014 was so successful, Slipknot brought their metal induced festival back to the grounds of the San Manuel Amphitheater in San Bernardino California.  Stretching two full days of music, there was sure to be something that could occupy your time.  But let’s be honest, music was the number one thing on everyone’s minds.  Here are a many of the bands that played this past Sunday for Day 2. Set lists for some below.



  1. Sarcastrophe
  2. The Heretic Anthem
  3. Psychosocial
  4. The Devil in I
  5. Me Inside
  6. Vermilion
  7. Wait and Bleed
  8. Prosthetics
  9. Before I Forget
  10. Eeyore
  11. Duality
  12. Cluster
  13. Spit it Out
  14. Metabolic
  15. (sic)
  16. People = Shit
  17. Surfacing
Bring Me The Horizon

  1. Happy Song
  2. Go to Hell for Heaven’s Sake
  3. The House of Wolves
  4. Chelsea Smile
  5. Can You Feel My Heart?
  6. Shadow Moses
  7. Throne
  8. Sleepwalking
  9. Antivist
  10. Blessed with a Curse
  11. Drown



  1. X-Ray Vision
  2. Firebirds
  3. Crucial Velocity
  4. The Soapmakers
  5. Decapitation Blues
  6. A Quick Death in Texas
  7. Sucker for the Witch
  8. Our Lady of Electric Light
  9. The Elephant Riders
  10. D.C. Sound Attack!
  11. Noble Savage
  12. The Mob goes Wild
Cannibal Corpse

  1. Scourge of Iron
  2. Demented Aggression
  3. Evisceration Plague
  4. Stripped, Raped and Strangled
  5. Kill or Become
  6. Sadistic Embodiment
  7. Icepick Lobotomy
  8. I Cum Blood
  9. Make Them Suffer
  10. A Skull Full of Maggots
  11. Hammer Smashed Face
  12. Devoured by Vermin
Suicidal Tendencies

  1. You Can’t Bring Me Down
  2. Institutionalized
  3. Subliminal
  4. Freedumb
  5. Possessed to Skate
  6. Cyco Vision
  7. Pledge Your Allegiance


All That Remains

  1. Now Let Them Tremble
  2. For We are Many
  3. Victory Lap
  4. Six
  5. The Air that I Breathe
  6. Pernicious
  7. No Knock
  8. This Calling
  9. Two Weeks
Internal Bleeding

  1. The Visitant
  2. The Pageantry of Savagery
  3. Anointed in Servitude
  4. Fabricating Bliss
  5. Patterns of Force I. The Discovery
  6. Patterns of Force II. Plague Agenda
  7. Patterns of Force III. Aftermath
  8. Castigo Corpus Meum

  1. Snot
  2. Joy Ride
  3. Snooze Button
  4. Deadfall
  5. I Jus’ Lie
  6. My Balls
  7. Hit the Lights (Metallica cover)
  8. Absent


Did you attend Knotfest?! How was it?!  Comment below.

All photos by Matthew Saunders and Corey Kleinsasser

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