Five Finger Death Punch and Papa Roach headline in Ontario

“Rock n roll is dead” should never be uttered, let alone spoken at a rock show.  When it was from X1039 FM Deejay John Desantis, everyone booed.  He said someone told his son that and as a result, brought him to his first rock show on this night.

Rock is most certainly not dead, it is alive and was slammed into the faces of everyone at the Citizen’s Business Bank Arena in Ontario on September 18.  Five Finger Death Punch (5FDP) and Papa Roach brought their co-headlining tour, along with support from In This Moment and From Ashes to New, to the small arena.

5FDP played last to finalize the tour and send fans home with their metal horns in the air.  Their set included an oversized band logo 5FDP inside the finger-holes of brass knuckles.

The band was touring to support their latest album, Got Your Six.  Led by singer Ivan Moody, the band steam rolled through songs from each of their albums.  The band even played a few riffs and sung some lyrics to more well-known hard rock songs from metal icons such as Metallica and AC/DC that fans loved.

Some of the band’s songs included guitar solos that were shredded by Jason Hook, bringing along his lit up axe.  A drum solo from Jeremy Spencer showcased his talents and had fans headbanging and wanting more.  The sheer grit from Moody’s voice is perfect for rock and has to be hear to be appreciated live.  About an hour and 16 songs later, the band left the stage, but showed all why rock n’ roll i will never die.

Papa Roach was equally, if not more, impressive.  Led by Jacoby Shaddix, the band was supporting their latest effort F.E.A.R., released in January.  The band played newer songs such as, “Face Everything and Rise,” “Falling Apart” and “Warriors” and even brought out Maria Brink for her cameo on the song “Gravity.”

Other than newer ones, they played classics such as “Between Angels and Insects” and “Getting Away with Murder.”

During one song, Shaddix strolled through the seated sections of the crowd, getting numerous pats on the back, high fiving fans and even taking pictures with some.  As the band were ending the song “Broken as Me” Shaddix and guitarist Jerry Horton appeared in the middle of the arena next to the soundboard with a single spotlight on them.  Shaddix introduced the next song as “this song saved my life.”  The song “Scars” was played acoustically and received acclaim from many audience members.

The two went back to the stage and took to their final songs.  “Last Resort” and “…To Be Loved” ended the band’s wild set that seemed to have everything and had them set to enjoy their predecessors.

In This Moment seems to go all out for their sets nowadays.  They have on-stage props, backdrops and wardrobe changes throughout.  Led by one of the hardest rocking women in metal, Maria Brink, the band plowed through their six songs with plenty of showmanship.  Fans took a liking to this band and got them ready for what was to come.

Newbies in the rock scene, From Ashes to New, are a six-piece band from Pennsylvania and brought their A-game to the west coast.  Fans may not have known them at first, but they showed why they may be able to rock these larger shows in the future.  They may have had the shortest set, but they put the pedal to the metal and started out the evening in the best way.  They got fans to interact with them as much as they could and got them excited for their future release Day One.


From Ashes to New

  1. Downfall
  2. My Fight
  3. Lost and Alone
  4. Through it All
  5. Destruction of Myself
  6. I will Show You
  7. Steal This Way
In This Moment

  1. The Infection
  2. Sick Like Me
  3. Blood
  4. Sex Metal Barbie
  5. Big Bad Wolf
  6. Whore
Papa Roach

  1. Face Everything and Rise
  2. Between Angels and Insects
  3. Getting Away with Murder
  4. Warriors
  5. Forever
  6. Hollywood Whore
  7. Kick in the Teeth
  8. Falling Apart
  9. Blood Brothers
  10. Broken as Me
  11. Scars (Acoustic)
  12. Gravity
  13. Where Did the Angels Go?
  14. Still Swingin’
  15. Last Resort
  16. …To Be Loved
Five Finger Death Punch

  1. Lift Me Up
  2. Hard to See
  3. Never Enough
  4. Got Your Six
  5. Bad Company (cover)
  6. Jekyll and Hyde
  7. Drum Solo
  8. Burn MF
  9. Wrong Side of Heaven
  10. Battle Born
  11. Coming Down
  12. Here to Die
  13. Under and Over it
  14. Burn it Down
  15. The Bleeding


Have you been to this tour? How was it?  Comment below.

Post by Corey Kleinsasser

All photos (unless noted) by Corey Kleinsasser


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