Rey Pila’s Diego Solórzano talks touring America, The Future Sugar and more

Diego Solorzano - Promo


(Click the link directly above to hear the interview) – Keep in mind our interview audio experienced a slight problem in the beginning and we missed the first few minutes.

Rey Pila’s new album, The Future Sugar, is out September 25, and vocalist Diego Solórzano spoke with us recently for Concert Crap on a variety of things.  The topics ranged from (fast forward to the start time after each topic):

At the beginning of the interview, Solórzano said that people should listen to the band’s new album.  People should expect to hear an album from a band that has worked on it for years and is proud of what they have achieved with the new album.

0:52 – Being from Mexico, what is your favorite part of touring in America

1:44 – Prefer shows in America or Mexico?

2:03 – Added to Austin City Limits Festival vs. Billy Idol

2:56 – Best and worst stories from touring

4:32 – Touring realistically and unrealistically

6:08 – Bonus Round

9:54 – Final thoughts

Rey Pila - Promo


Interview and post by Corey Kleinsasser

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