The Ongoing Concept’s Dawson Scholz on “Handmade,” influences, sound and allergies

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The Ongoing Concept’s new album, Handmade, is out now, and guitarist and vocalist Dawson Scholz spoke with us recently for Concert Crap on a variety of things.  The topics ranged from (fast forward to the start time after each topic):


0:34 – Significance of this house

2:49 – Talking about the studio in the house.

3:34 – Why did your parents build the studio?

4:21 – How did you get into music?

6:03 – Album #3 be recorded and the issues with working from home


8:12 – The reception of Handmade, the different musical sounds on the album, and bringing their own handmade instruments on tour

10:40 – Band influences and trying to make their own sound

12:06 – Bring Me The Horizon past and present

12:37 – Brand New past and present

13:06 – Underoath past and present


13:43 – Getting on their level

14:24 – Respecting Thrice

15:01 – Being a hiatus band

15:49 – Impacting young people and the 10-year Handmade tour

16:52 – Touring with Norma Jean, Sleepwave, ’68 and Belle Haven


18:54 – What people can expect from a live show

19:45 – Realistic and unrealistic bands to tour with in the future

21:39 – What the next year holds for The Ongoing Concept

23:16 – Allergies, forest fires and the weather

26:22 – Why should people listen to you?


28:26 – Final thoughts

29:40 – Bonus round


Keep in mind, this is an “ongoing” (pun intended) interview, but the good kind.


Dawson Scholz - 2

Interview and post by Corey Kleinsasser

Audio edited by Matt Saunders

What are your thoughts on The Ongoing Concept?  Comment below.

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