In Urgency tackles their vices in debut release

In Urgency - The Vice Volumes

In Urgency makes their highly anticipated debut with the release of The Vice Volumes.

The quartet, located in the Los Angeles suburb of Claremont, incorporates a nostalgic tone of post-hardcore that nods to the mid 2000’s in their six song release;  also adding aggressive and hard-hitting guitar riffs that are prevalent in modern rock music.

The best example to their sounds can be found in the first track and single off the album, entitled “Stitches.” The guitar work sounds heavily influenced by bands along the line of Silverstein and Senses Fail.

Vocalist Chris Anderson delivers amazing and pristine melodies that tie the intricate compositions together, while guitarist Sam Mountain delivers complementary lead guitar lines, next to Javier Caudillo’s impressive percussion and rhythm work.

Most of the songs on the release are “two-toned,” as they feature post-hardcore elements paired with ambient delay and reverb effects.

The album was recorded, produced, mixed and mastered with Johnny Liu (Stanley and The Search), and Nikola Simikić (ex-Such A Mess) in Bradbury, California.  It also features work and production from Finch bassist Daniel Wonacott.

The production in terms of how the album sounds is nothing short of amazing.  Every element in is clear and articulate.  The album goes to show Liu’s skill in the field of audio engineering, as the guitars are as clear as day, yet they do not conflict with either the kick drum or cymbals that also have the same audio quality.

Overall, this debut release from In Urgency was definitely worth the wait. It is apparent that a lot of work and though went into each song and all that hard work surely paid off.  Each band member’s passion for the music and what they are trying to do is also very apparent and shows greatly.  Many fans truly believe In Urgency is the next best thing in the post-hardcore scene. As cliché as that may sound, In Urgency’s talent and potential are definitely forces to be reckoned with.

Catch In Urgency touring the west coast with Bristol to Memory and City Under Siege.


In Urgency - Promo


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