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Wilson - Promo
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Partying is always fun, but when you do it with your buddies it’s even better. The group Wilson has been breaking through the rock scene after recently coming off tour. The band is based out of Detroit and knows that hard work is what it takes to catch a break.  Chad Nicefield is the vocalist, lead guitarist Jason Spencer, guitarist and vocalist Kyle Landry, bassist James Lascu, and drummer and vocalist Matt Puhy. They started off with other groups, but were able to find each other and create what they like to call a “delicious pot of Fuckery stew.”

Naming the band wasn’t as easy as it sounds, ok maybe it was. Lead guitarist, Spencer, came up with the name at a bar in Lansing, Michigan when the band played for free beer.  “Wilson” was the drunken response from the crowd and it stuck.   The name came easy, but their taste of music is all over the spectrum.  Nicefield favors indie rock, but also enjoys metal, like Lascu and Spencer.  Puhy likes psychedelic rock, and Kyle likes to make tour playlists.  Wilson is influenced by bands like Soundgarden, Foo Fighters and Audioslave, but the bands that they have gone on tour with are the biggest influences.

The group continues to grow, from Spencer being the primary writer, to everyone collaborating to create a great new body of work.  Their newest record, Right to Rise, is a great example of how far they’ve come and they feel has their best songs to date.  A new record comes with strive for that “perfect live show” and importance of the audience to feel that they are a part of something bigger than themselves.  Wilson knows that going on stage is all about the experience, but the energy is what drives them every night to work harder.

Not only have live shows been a part of the growth of Wilson, but outlets like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram has changed the face of music for these guys too.  “It is great to be able to interact with fans, in some cases halfway around the world, in all sorts of ways,” said Landry.  “It is amazing to receive feedback on live performances, new records, and big events by just signing into an app.”

Social media makes new memories in the moment for Wilson, but getting advice from Jason Newsted (formally of Metallica) will always be the ultimate memory.  New to business as a supporting act and to be on the road with Newsted was life changing.

“One afternoon, Newsted sat alone in the middle of the venue and watched our entire sound check,” said Landry.  “When we were finished he started applauding, complimented us on our tones, and offered advice.  When Jason Newstead offers you advice, you fucking take it.”

Without hard work, dedicated practice, and a great live show, social media can only take a band so far.  Wilson has several tours dates coming up, from Ohio to Canada, and by following their own advice to play hard, but work harder, they will make each city a new stomping ground for a Wilson Party!

Wilson - Right to Rise




Post by Priscilla Porras

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