Cattle Decapitation releases new song: review

Cattle Decapitation has released another song shortly following their recent unveiling of “Manufactured Extinct” called “Mammals in Babylon.”

I feel like Cattle Decap is becoming an even more reputable metal band as time goes on.  These two new tracks off their upcoming album The Anthropocene Extinction still have that unrelenting, grinding your bones, nature to it;
but something about the song makes you feel like Cattle Decap is willing to experiment within their already honed sound.

As an older fan, I’m happy to hear a band I’ve come to truly enjoy by doing something that sounds new, but still familiar.  “Mammals in Babylon” was a treacherous journey through the sixth extinction and into the dismal future of a devastated planet.

Similar themes, like misanthropy and death to humanity, written rather poetically, are still central to the lyrics and these new tracks do not hold back.

I’m pretty excited to hear the full album when it releases August 7.



This post is courtesy of Sergio Taylor

What do you think of the new songs and the upcoming Cattle Decapitation album?  Comment below.

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