Thrice rocks two Southern California shows after near three year hiatus

Thrice played their first shows back after their near three year hiatus at Tuesday at the House of Blues Anaheim and the Glass House in Pomona on Wednesday.

The Wednesday show saw Thrice play a setlist comprised of songs that spanned across their entire discography, from the 2002 release of “The Illusion of Safety,” all the way to their last release in 2011 entitled “Major/Minor.”

The phenomenal performance was met with an equally excited and driven audience.  Fans, literally of all ages, came together to sing power ballads like “Come All You Weary,” and also practically tore the room in two with the upbeat rock songs Thrice has built a reputation on, such as “Deadbolt” and “The Artist in the Ambulance.”

Dustin Kensrue made it clear that the performance that night, as well as the performance the night before, were both warm up gigs for everything the band had in store for the rest of year.

The band has already announced they will be performing at a few festivals, both within the country, as well as international, however, by the way Kensrue phrased his words, it could be possible that the band is planning to have another show in Southern California before the year is over.

Nothing has been announced yet, however, the chances of another Thrice show in Southern California before the year is over is very high, due to being from Orange County and they always seem to enjoy playing to their fans around home.

The band ended the night with “Anthology,” as their supposed last song, and then came back out on stage to play an encore set comprised of the songs “The Earth will Shake” and “Beggars.”

Fans were left in waves of emotion as soon as the band had left the stage for good.  Many fans were under the impression that they would never see this band perform live again, as their performances in 2012 were suppose to be their “farewell tour” with Animals as Leaders and O’ Brother.  Thrice fans rejoiced that night knowing that the band they hold dear to their hearts have yet to throw in the towel.

Tickets to both shows were announced and put on sale the same day, only to sell out within minutes.

The Orange County quartet brought the band Aeges as opening support for the show.


Tuesday May 12

  1. The Earth will Shake
  2. The Arsonist
  3. Paper Tigers
  4. Stare at the Sun
  5. All That’s Left
  6. The Weight
  7. In Exile
  8. Of Dust and Nations
  9. Come all You Weary
  10. Promises
  11. Daedalus
  12. Cataracts
  13. Circles
  14. The Artist in the Ambulance
  15. Silhouette
  16. Deadbolt
  17. Firebreather
  18. Anthology
  19. Beggars
Wednesday May 13

  1. Firebreather
  2. Paper Tigers
  3. Stare at the Sun
  4. All That’s Left
  5. The Weight
  6. In Exile
  7. Words in the Water
  8. Blur
  9. Daedalus
  10. Red Sky
  11. Come all You Weary
  12. Promises
  13. The Artist in the Ambulance
  14. Silhouette
  15. Deadbolt
  16. The Arsonist
  17. Anthology
  18. The Earth will Shake
  19. Beggars


Post by Matthew Saunders

Photos by Matthew Saunders and Arggi Torres

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