Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! drops powerhouse masterpiece “Get Lost, Find Yourself”

“Get Lost, Find Yourself” is the third full-length by the band Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!.  The album delivers the best blend of pop punk and easycore elements that the band has become well known for.

The first two singles off the album, “Playing Dead” and “The Other Line,” gave fans a taste of what to expect.

The band definitely sticks to their easycore roots with the tracks “City of Lights,” “Pull You Under,” and “Twist the Knife.” These three tracks are some of the more heavy tracks on the album with “in-your-face” aggression, relentless breakdowns and guitar riffs.

It is important to note that the band was not afraid to venture out of their comfort zones and incorporate some softer songs to their catalogue for this release.

The title track “Get Lost, Find Yourself” is an emotionally heartfelt acoustic track about finding oneself over again.

The track “Set it Straight” even hints to funk with the guitar riff that leads the track and the synthesizer aspects that are incorporated as well.

The fact that there are softer tracks does not take away from the heavy elements the album brings to the table as “Get Lost, Find Yourself” is quickly followed up by the upbeat easycore track “Every Moment.”

The production and tone on the album makes these tracks that much more enjoyable.  The band decided to go in an analog route when recording the album.  The swap from a digital amp simulator back to tube amps shows in these tracks, as the guitars sound more realistic in tone compared to their last album. Overall, the mix sounds very full.

Whether the band is playing easycore, pop punk, or acoustic, Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! makes sure the tracks are as entertaining and engaging as their live performances.

There is a reason why vocalist Bert Poncet says, during their live performances, that the band is neither pop punk nor metal.  Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! encompasses an array of sounds and blends these sounds together in their music.

“Get Lost, Find Yourself” is the pinnacle album of Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!’s career that shows how the band has matured in their songwriting and composition over the years without compromising the youthful and energetic sound that originally put them on the map in the independent music scene.

This album easily gets 4/5 stars. Catch the band headline the “Get Lost, Find Yourself” tour and support the #EZRevival with Hit the Lights, Forever Came Calling, To The Wind, and Ice Grill$ label mates, In Her Own Words.

This post is courtesy of Matthew Saunders


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