Rock of Love starring Slipknot lead singer? It almost happened


What if I were to tell you that the lead singer of Slipknot was thought of to be the star of the dating show Rock of Love?  Sounds like TV gold, right?  Well, it almost happened.  Too bad Corey Taylor was not on board with the idea.

The rockstar was approached by VH1 representatives and in response, Taylor said, “Don’t ever call me again.”

This happened seven years ago, Taylor explained during a recent interview with Seattle radio station KISW.

Slipknot is not very relatable to Poison, but people at VH1 felt like Taylor was the perfect candidate for the show.  Too bad he didn’t agree.  Taylor and Slipknot are still rocking today, Poison, not as much.

The show lasted three seasons, all starring Poison lead singer Bret Michaels.

Would you have watched Rock of Love starring Corey Taylor? Comment below.

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