Brandon Flowers plays a special show at the LA Troubadour

Many know Brandon Flowers from being the lead singer of Las Vegas band The Killers, but he is also a solo artist. He will release his sophomore record, The Desired Effect, on May 19, his first solo album in five years.

His solo material is similar to his band, but has more of a synthpop, 80’s inspired, alternative vibe.

The frontman played a special show in West Hollywood at the Troubadour on Tuesday.  The show sold out in mere minutes upon the on-sale time a few weeks ago.

For those that have been to the famous Troubadour, they’ll know that it is a very small venue, but what it lacks in size, makes up for with intimate and memorable performances.  This show was no exception.

A near two-hour wait after doors opened had fans waiting in anticipation of the talented frontman.  The lights were cut, leaving only the Troubadour neon light to illuminate the room. Enter Flowers’ band, and then he, with with spotlight directly on him as he descended the stairs to the stage, to a roar from the audience.

Flowers donned all black attire and a black jacket with shiny gold stars all around it.  The singer started with new song, “Dreams Come True,” and never released the emotion that he put into his performance for the rest of the evening.

“I feel like I’m home,” said Flowers to the audience only after a few songs, expressing his gratitude to the Southern California crowd.

He played many new songs, including the live debut for “Lonely Town.”  Before playing his cover for INXS’ “Don’t Change,” Flowers talked about being a little kid at a carnival, winning a Kick poster of the band, and how much he loved them.

Next, he introduced “Human,” one of four renditions of songs from his band The Killers. The Las Vegas native talked about producer Stuart Price, who was in attendance, and how the song came to life with him.

“Read My Mind” and “Jenny was a Friend of Mine” were other songs from The Killers that were played.

Even though many new songs were played, fans didn’t seem to mind and were as excited as if they had known the song.

Of songs the audience did know, and ones they were most exuberant for, from his first album, Flowers played “Magdalena,” “Hard Enough,” “Crossfire,” and “Jilted Lovers & Broken Hearts.”

The first single, released a few weeks ago from his new album, was “Can’t Deny My Love.” It was the final song from his main set and sparked the biggest reaction from the audience, surprising Flowers and overtaking his vocal duties, much to his approval.

He and his backup band exited the stage after this song, only to return moments later to play four more songs, including two more live debuts with “Untangled Love,” and the song that was released only one day prior, “Still Want You.”

Following those two songs, Flowers played the biggest single off his first solo album, “Only the Young,” and even added his signature dance that is featured in the video, standing upright, arching his back, and throwing his arms back-and-forth in an easy and smooth manner.

Finally, concluding the evening, an extended version and unique portrayal of “Mr. Brightside” was played. All fans, old and new, sang along during this closing number. The song ended the 16-song, 75-minute engagement that Flowers had with West Hollywood.

Flowers’ energy throughout the evening was contagious.  From his constant smiling and animated movements, to the soulful drive he put into every song. This performance was memorable and those that were lucky enough to nab tickets had an unforgettable evening.

  1. Dreams Come True
  2. Crossfire
  3. Magdelena
  4. Hard Enough
  5. Jilted Lovers & Broken Hearts
  6. Jenny Was a Friend of Mine (The Killers)
  7. Read My Mind (The Killers)
  8. Human (The Killers)
  9. Don’t Change (INXS cover/Live Debut)
  10. Swallow It
  11. Lonely Town (Live Debut)
  12. Can’t Deny My Love
  13. Untangled Love (Live Debut)
  14. Still Want You (Live Debut)
  15. Only the Young
  16. Mr. Brightside (The Killers)

What do you think of Brand Flowers’ new songs? Comment below.

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