Interpol plays Humphrey’s Concerts by the Bay in San Diego

The bay, the open water, a cool breeze, and music are the ingredients for a wonderful evening.  What if I told you that Interpol was the music and San Diego was the location?  You’re there, right?  This is what happened on Thursday at Humphrey’s when the band played the first show of the season at the venue by the bay.

Fans showed up as early as 9 a.m. to stand in line and wait to get a spot the railing for the show, and they would not be disappointed.

As soon as the band struck the first chord to their opener, “Say Hello to the Angels,” fans were at bliss.

Many in the front, near the rail, jumped throughout many songs, including many of their hits, such as: “Slow Hands,” “Evil” and “All the Rage Back Home.”

Even though Interpol released their latest album, “El Pintor,” more than seven months prior, many people didn’t seem to be involved in many of their new songs.  Fans of all albums before seemed to grace the crowd, and sang to each of those older songs, almost word-for-word.

The sound for the venue definitely has to be finely tuned.  During “My Blue Supreme,” one of the band’s better songs off their latest album, lead-singer Paul Banks’ voice was barely audible.  You can tell in the faces of the other members that this was very upsetting.

At moments of other songs the band seemed slightly upset when their instrument, or other band members were not loud enough to hear, or even when they messed up the notes to their own songs.

Before the band even blessed the crowd with their presence, Southern California native Tony Hawk took to the stage to introduce the band and said, “Are you guys going to Coachella?  I’m only going to see these guys.”  He even stated that the entire show was going to be broadcasted live on the local 91X radio station.

Opener for the evening was soloist Guy Blakeslee.  The one-man-band played a guitar, had tambourine-like bells on his wrist and previously recorded samples playing throughout his songs.

His songs and work on each of his instruments was phenomenal.  He made a lot of noise for being one man.  Blakeslee really shined during one song where he just had pre-recorded samples and sung for more than six minutes, almost without taking a breath.

It was kind of a shame that many attendees constantly talked as he was playing, because they were missing a great set from a relatively unknown singer.  Yeah he was the support, but openers should be given the same amount of respect as if they were headlining.

Drunk people was one of the biggest flaws from the evening.  There is nothing wrong with having some drinks and having a good time, but keep it at a minimum.  Don’t drink your ass off and act like one.  Stop yelling and trying to get the attention of the band members or roadies because you feel like you know them.  Believe me, they don’t know you and they could care less, so stop making a fool of yourself.  Have some respect for yourself and everyone around you, shut the hell up and just appreciate the music.

Another takeaway from the evening was the lack of security.  Fans were able to sneak to the stage during sound check and simply stand and watch as setup was in progress.  Even mere minutes before the show, security was not at their best.  Hopefully it is refined as the season continues for the venue.

  1. Say Hello to the Angels
  2. Anywhere
  3. Narc
  4. Evil
  5. My Blue Supreme
  6. Leif Erikson
  7. My Desire
  8. Rest My Chemistry
  9. Everything is Wrong
  10. The New
  11. Take You on a Cruise
  12. Not Even Jail
  13. Pioneer to the Falls
  14. Slow Hands
  15. All the Rage Back Home
  16. Lights
  17. PDA

Have you seen Interpol recently or will you be seeing them? Comment below.

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