Dustin Kensrue’s “Carry the Fire” album review

Dustin Kensrue, Orange County native and lead singer of post-hardcore band Thrice, will open a new chapter in his life, releasing his new solo album, “Carry the Fire,” on April 21.  This is his second studio album as a soloist, not counting his Christmas and worship albums.

If you’ve heard Kensrue’s first solo album, “Please Come Home,” released in 2007, you might have been expecting Thrice’s more experimental, indie rock and post-harcore sounds, but the album has more of an acoustic, folk feel.  Eight years later, and Kensrue is finally ready to continue his talented solo career.

“Carry the Fire” delivers 10 tracks from Kensrue, as he moves away from Thrice’s post-hardcore sounds to fill your mind with folksy ballads you can sing from the heart, however, don’t fret at the moment you think this is an all folk album  Kensrue doesn’t let you forget the post-hardcore, as he seamlessly blends folk with electric guitar. It may be new territory for those accustomed to hearing a breakdown of guitars, however, a change of pace is just what the doctor ordered.

The first song released to the public, “Back to Back,” is to set the mood for the rest of the album and what to expect as soon as you hear the track. All of the tracks on the album tie in together to create cohesiveness that transcends you to that peaceful place in the back of your mind.

Kensrue debuted one of his new songs during the “Where’s the Band? Tour” that he headlined in December.  The song, “There’s Something Dark,” features Kensrue playing the harmonica, which is definitely something you cannot miss seeing live.  His ability as a lyricist is also clearly demonstrated in the song and evokes you to question the darkness inside you.

There is an elegant and peaceful acoustic guitar, paired with the distinct clarity of his voice on the song “What Beautiful Things.”

“Of Crows and Crowns” highlights the singer’s ability to belt out powerful ballads and bring tears even to the coldest of hearts, as you think fondly of the significant other in your life, with lyrics such as, “My love, how beautiful you are.  My love is everywhere you are.”

The title track, closing the album, is a wonderful finale that builds up with pounding drums going off during the first half of the song, adding an acoustic guitar for the second half.  Kensrue’s voice begins building to keep you at the edge of your seat, only to soften the blow with an acoustic guitar to leave you at ease, and wanting that peaceful moment to last.

Kensrue is a true artist who only seems to have perfected his craft and has matured in the span from his first, to his latest material.  He has done this on all the Thrice records and in between, with each album proving himself to be an album artist and not a singles artist.

“Carry the Fire” has elements any music lover can appreciate, whether it be in a small crowded venue or at home, unwinding from a long day. It has a soulfulness that can appeal to just about any taste.

Kensrue has already announced tour dates across the U.S. in support of the new album.  If you’re looking for a music to feed your soul artist, don’t miss out on a chance to see him live.

For those unaware, Kensrue’s outfit Thrice have been hiatus since 2012, but broke news late last year that they will be reuniting this year, and have since then announced some festival dates. Kensrue is in for a busy year and fans couldn’t be more excited to hear more.

Track listing:


Back to Back


There’s Something Dark

Death or Glory

In the Darkness

Of Crows and Crowns


What Beautiful Things

Carry The Fire


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