Conquer Divide is ready to overthrow the rock world

Conquer Divide is (from left to right): Janel, Kristen, Kiarely, Sarah, Tamara and Izzy
Conquer Divide is (from left to right): Janel, Kristen, Kiarely, Sarah, Tamara and Izzy

It is not too often women are in rock bands.  This does not mean that they shouldn’t break the barrier.  All female bands are even rarer, but Conquer Divide has done this.

The group consists of six female individuals, all striving to become the next big thing in music.

Conquer Divide consists of: clean vocalist Kiarely (A.K.A. Kia), screaming vocalist Janel, guitarists Kristen and Izzy, bassist Sarah, and drummer Tamara.

So what exactly does the name mean?

“It alludes to the struggles we faced putting this band together, being from all over the country,” said Kristen.

People have received the band very well.  But with all positive feedback comes some that are not so optimistic.

“It’s been overwhelmingly positive for the vast majority of our experiences thus far.” said Kristen.  “It has been polarizing.  People love it or they hate it.”

The rock scene does have an abundance of men, but don’t let women in the game intimidate you.

“I think it’s a nice change seeing women who can do what men can do,” said Kia.  “We don’t advertise ourselves as “an all female band,” and we don’t focus on it in our music or music videos.  We all just love doing what we are doing.”

The band has rock, metal, and post-harcore influences that reflect in their music, but it spans much more than those genres.

“We definitely all have different tastes,” said Kia.  “There are some artists that we all love, but then there are other artists that one of us loves and [some] of us has never heard of.  I have recently been listening to more pop and adding a little bit of that into my vocals.  My biggest influences however, are: Say Anything, Paramore, Cartel, and Marmozets.”

The band has only released a handful of songs, but they have a lot more in store.

“We have songs about so many different things,”  said Kia.  “Honestly, each song could be interpreted in whatever way the listener wants.  We have some about sticking together and fighting battles, some about the people who tried to bring us down, and some about the things we all see in ourselves that sometimes we don’t necessarily want to see.”

The band recently hit one of their biggest milestones to date, signing with Artery Recordings.

“Signing with Artery is exciting and we are happy to have the opportunity to work with such great, fun people,” said Sarah.

Sarah believes that people shouldn’t focus on the fact that Conquer Divide is an all female because that isn’t the main focus of the band.  Expect the unexpected, because they are working hard on their debut album.

“Prepare for heavier stuff and some really pretty stuff,” said Sarah.  “I think people may be surprised.”

Producer Joey Sturgis (Asking Alexandria, Of Mice & Men, Blessthefall) has been helping the band in the studio with the new album.

“Working with Joey is probably the best learning experience I have ever had in my whole musical career,” said Janel.  “He knows what he’s talking about, which helps your musical capabilities sky rocket to 100 percent every day.  I’m extremely picky when I record my parts and so is he.  It was really nice to have someone on that level who had the patience for perfection.”

Janel wants those that listen to their debut album to get motivated when they hear it.

“I hope our jams inspire kids to believe in themselves and what they love to do,” said Janel.  “That listening to our record will give them hope that one day it could be them onstage, and that it’s possible.  I want them to dance to every song and come out to shows so we can all dance together.”

The band was just announced to play on a US tour with Alesana, Capture the Crown, The Browning and The Funeral Portrait.  What future bands would Conquer Divide like to tour with?

“If we could tour with Pierce The Veil, that would be lovely,” said Janel.  “Crown The Empire as well.”

The band has hit another landmark in their musical career, playing the South By So What Festival later this year.

“This is the show I’m most looking forward to this year,” said Izzy.  “It’s going to be our first time playing a festival.”

The band has not toured much of the world quite yet, but as mentioned earlier, expect the unexpected.

“[Expect] energy, my awful guitar faces, and a bit of humour,” said Izzy.

The band has obviously done a lot in the past few months, so what can we expect for the rest of 2015?

“We are going to stay busy,” said Izzy.  “Look out for our debut album and come say ‘Hey,’  if we are playing a show nearby.”


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