Upon a Burning Body headlines Chain Reaction

The Slow Your Troll and Know Your Role tour has made its way across the country and just ended on Saturday.  The tour started Jan. 8 and consisted of the bands Upon a Burning Body, Veil of Maya, Volumes, Gideon and The Last Ten Seconds of Life.

The show made a stop in Anaheim at Chain Reaction on Wednesday to a wild audience.

Upon a Burning Body finalized the evening to a rambunctious room.  Fresh off of their latest album, “The World is My Enemy Now,” the five-piece band from Texas came to the stage, as they always do, dressing in matching suits.

The band played songs spanning all three of their albums, with five of their 11 songs coming off their new album.  They also played many of their hits that include group vocals, which will encourage audience participation on those specific parts during live performances.

Crowd surfing and stage diving was at its peak during Upon a Burning Body’s set.  After they played one of their biggest hits, “Sin City,” the band left the stage, only to return moments later to play their version of DJ Snake and Lil Jon’s hit, “Turn Down for What.”  It was a perfect party song to end this engagement.

Even though Veil of Maya has a new singer, Lukas Mahyar, they still know how to deliver while on stage.  Unlike the rest of the bands on the bill, they did not have too many breakdowns, but fans were still into their whole performance by moshing and pushing others around.

Their set lasted 50 minutes and set the bar even higher for their predecessor.

Volumes, playing less than one hour from their hometown of Los Angeles, played like they were home.  The fans loved every minute of their performance.  They were also the only band to have two singers in their group, trading off on vocal duties for every song.

Technical difficulties did not even seem to phase the band.  Vocalist Michael Barr’s microphone cut off midway through one of the band’s songs, but he just kept singing as though it was still on.  As soon as the microphone came back to life, the fans cheered with excitement.

Gideon played second, but they played like they should have headlined.  The band recently released their third album, “Calloused,” in October and has been touring nonstop since its release.

By the time they took the stage, the entire room was full of people.  It became very humid in the small Chain Reaction room.  Facing the stage, people packed on to the left side of the wall separator.  The large pit from the first band grew even larger, and a second pit was formed, well into their set.

Led by vocalist Dan McWhorter, the band cruised through their eight song set, spanning all three of their albums.  Much like headliners Upon a Burning Body, the band has many group vocals throughout their set and fans sang along to each song.

The Last Ten Seconds of Life played first, and even though they are still relatively new to some, they proved that they should be put on this caliber of a lineup.

The band managed to fit six songs into their 30 minute set.

The only negative to their set, and to the entire evening, was the audience.  If you were close to the mosh pits, it was dangerous because of barbaric fans in attendance that were running into those that were not in the pit and throwing fists at random people.

All in all, the performances from each band were solid.  Despite the rowdy fans, each band complemented the evening and tour strongly.

Chain Reaction is known for having crazy shows, and this one was no different.  The small venue only holds a couple hundred people at any time, but what it lacks in attendance, it makes up for with stellar artists.

Upon a Burning Body setlist

  1. Red Razor Wrists
  2. Pledge Your Allegiance
  3. Mimic
  4. Once Upon a Time in Mexico
  5. Intermission
  6. Middle Finger to the World
  7. Scars
  8. Bring the Rain
  9. Texas Blood Money
  10. Sin City
  11. Turn Down for What (DJ Snake Cover)

Did you attend this tour?  How was it?  Comment below

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