Trade Wind guitarist talks on inception, debut EP and influences

Trade Wind is Thomas Williams (left) and Jesse Barnett (right)

Have you heard of Stick to Your Guns (STYG)?  Have you heard of Stray from the Path (SFTP)?  Well, a member from each of those bands are now together in a new band.  Introducing Trade Wind, with vocalist Jesse Barnett from STYG and guitarist Thomas Williams of SFTP.

If you enjoy each of these men’s band’s respective music, don’t expect to hear the same thing with Trade Wind.  In fact, it is almost the complete opposite.

“We wanted to take the band a different direction than our other projects, and I think we did with Trade Wind,” said Williams.  “It is exciting because this is music I have always wanted to play, but didn’t make sense with my other band (Stray).”

If you follow STYG or SFTP, you know that both members know each other from their bands touring together.  Williams talked about how the two men made this project a reality.

“I remember it vividly that Stray and STYG were playing New England Metal Fest together,” said Williams.  “Jesse said to me that we should start a band together.  That was years ago.  He sent me a riff one day, and that was it.  It was him and an acoustic [guitar], singing with this creepy/beautiful riff and we just took off.  We wrote the “Suffer Just To Believe” EP and it was so much god damn fun.”

The band’s debut EP is already out for those who have yet to hear anything and their music making process is described by Williams.

“It came out in June on Other People Records,” said Williams.  “It is a dynamic record, dark songs, epic songs, depressing songs…It has it all and is nothing like our other bands.”

There was no stress for either of these men when recording.


“We recorded it at the Machine Shop in New Jersey with Randy Leboeuf and Will Putney,” said WIlliams.  “It was so great to do this record with no responsibilities, no due dates, just us on our own time doing this record and having fun doing it.”

The reception to the album has been better than expected.

“The album sold more than we thought,” said Williams.  “Our videos got more views than we thought and we are very excited that people want to see us play shows.

Trade Wind is currently doing their first tour.  Friends and familiar faces also fill out drums for the band.

“Dan Bourke from SFTP played drums on the album,” said Williams.  “Our friend Andrew [McEnaney] who used to play in a band called Structures will be playing drums with us live.”

Williams talks about influences that helped him pick up a guitar and master it, as well as who he would like to tour with being a part of Trade Wind.

“My top three are: Tom Morello, John Mayer and Mike Einziger,” said Williams.  “They are all dynamic and can do it all.  They are the reason I started playing and keep playing.


Circa Survive could be cool [and] Balance and Composure.  Things of that nature.”

Two bands seems like a lot of work for any person.  Yet, Williams and Barnett have currently doing it.  When asked if Williams would ever consider pushing it to three bands, this is how he answered.

“Fuck.  No.  Haha,” said Williams.

What do you think of Trade Wind?  Comment below with your thoughts.


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