Top 8 albums of 2014


With all of these “2014 Best Albums” countdowns springing up everywhere, here at Concertcrap, we thought we’d join in on our favorites of the year.

This list is biased to the music we listen to here at Concertcrap.  Don’t expect to see hip-hop, country or pop albums on this list.  They’re not really our cup of tea.

In no particular order, here they are.


Royal Blood-Self-titled

This album is nonstop with hard-hitting riffs and catchy lyrics. It’s amazing that two men (Mike Kerr and Ben Thatcher) can make this much noise.  Singer Mike Kerr sounds a lot like Jack White and similar guitar work which makes this entire album action packed.

Their lead single “Figure it Out” is only about three minutes, but it will definitely have you wanting more from them. After hearing this album, we cannot wait to see them live and see what they can do with their next album.

If you don’t know what good rock music sounds like, listen to this album.


Linkin Park-The Hunting Party

We all know and love Linkin Park and this album is another exclamation point on top of their already stunning career.  From start to finish, this album was stunning.

Highlights include “Guilty All the Same” and Rebellion.”  Since the band has friends in high places, they got the assistance from Daron Malakian and Tom Morello.

The band even dove into the hardcore punk realm with the song “War.”

The band brought back sounds from their early days.  This is probably Linkin Park’s best album since Hybrid Theory.


Interpol-El Pintor

Interpol has returned and we couldn’t be happier. With their return comes another spectacular album.

Christened with their first single “All the Rage Back Home,” this album is ambient of classic Interpol sound with great lead guitar work by Daniel Kessler. It especially shines with “My Desire.”

The band sold out many shows for their North American tour and will continue to succeed in anything they do if they keep making great music like they did on this record.

Many other memorable songs from “El Pintor” are: “Breaker 1,” “My Blue Supreme” and “Same Town, New Story.”

Interpol in Pomona concert review

Interpol in San Diego concert review


Islander-Violence & Destruction

The debut album from these guys was nothing short of great. Each song is driven with intensity led by frontman Mikey Carvajal. They’re definitely bringing back the nu metal sound, and in a good way.

The standout single “Coconut Dracula” and delivers one of the most memorable lines on our list, “You’re not out for blood. You only want what’s beautiful. You’re not out for blood. You’re in love with truth.”

“Cold Speak” and “Criminals” also highlight the quartet’s debut album that sounds similar to Glassjaw and Deftones. If you enjoy those bands, you’ll enjoy these guys.

Islander bassist Chris Doot interview 



The loudest and most aggressive album on our list is here. A great reason is because the band has the breakdowns set up perfectly with lead singer Dan McWhorter‘s voice surrounding it.

The band has group vocals in nearly every song on the album and it never manages to get dull. The album seems to get louder and faster as the songs roll on.

This band and album will have fans moving for all the right reasons.

Gideon vocalist Dan McWhorter interview


Chevelle-La Gargola

Chevelle always seem to stay slightly under the radar and did so again with this album. But it’s amazing that La Gargola didn’t get enough attention as it did because it is one great album with well-known Chevelle sound.

The lead single “Take Out the Gunman” delivers enough heavy prowess to have the album on the top of our charts. “Hunter Eats Hunter” and “Ouija Board” also help the album succeed in its ground hitting greatness.

Chevelle plays the Wiltern


Lana Del Rey-Ultraviolence

Despite having less than exceptional live performances, Del Rey had her best album yet in 2014. Each song off of Ultraviolence had deep meaning and she made her way to a more alternative sound and even on rock radio with her first single “West Coast.”

With the unlikely assistance of The Black KeysDan Auerbach producing, Del Rey had all the help she needed to make this album go to number one.

The album feels like it could have been made in a different era, but it still shines as one of today’s greats.  Highlights include “Ultraviolence,” “Cruel World,” and “Shades of Cool.”

Lana Del Rey shines at the Shrine Auditorium

Lana Del Rey disappoints at Hollywood Forever Cemetery2014/12/img_1149.jpg

Crosses††† (Self-titled)

One of Chino Moreno’s side projects jumped out this year with their debut album.  The album has a lot of synthesizers on it to give it a dark and gritty sound to go along with Moreno’s distinct voice. Don’t expect it to sound as hard as Deftones, but expect it to keep your attention.

This album is the longest album on our list, clocking in at just under one hour in length.  The band remastered some of their tracks from their previous EP’s.

“Bitches Brew” and “The Epilogue” are original songs off of the album that show what great lengths Chino Moreno can go to.

Do you agree with out list? What are some of your best albums from 2014?

Comment below.

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