Phantogram plays the OC Observatory


Phantogram has blown up since the beginning of the year.  Their breakthrough single “Fall in Love” helped popularize their album “Voices,” which they have been touring extensively off of since its February release.  Sadly, all things must come to an end.

The duo played their final US show of their tour Sunday at the OC Observatory in Santa Ana to a sold out audience.

The band, from Greenwich, New York, consists of Sarah Barthel and Josh Carter.  Or, as Barthel introduced him on stage, “Josh ‘Motherfucking’ Carter.”  With their touring drummer and extra guitarist/synth player playing behind them to the right and left right of the stages, respectively, Barthel and Carter were presented to the left and right, respectively, closer to the crowd.

Barthel took the reigns for vocals on most of the band’s songs, played the tambourine and keyboard as well.  Carter played guitar for most songs, synthesizer for others and chimed in on vocals for many, dualing with his bandmate for some.

The band thanked the audience many times in between songs and got the audience cheering and screaming throughout, sometimes simply with their stage presence.

For two songs, Barthel draped herself in a outfit covered in squared mirrors and had yellow lights shining on her to reflect in all different directions.

Following “When I’m Small,” the band exited the stage, only to return instantly to a very loud audience ovation that led Barthel to smile and even shed tears of happiness and to say, “If you guys keep screaming we can’t play anymore songs.”

The encore saw the band play “Mouthful of Diamonds” and then “Celebrating Nothing,” but obviously celebrating a successful show, album and tour.

At the conclusion of their set, the band stated that they were going into the studio to make a new album.  All four of the individuals took one final bow as a group, all while holding hands to close out the ?? minute affair with their fans.

If you live in California and did not get a chance to see Phantogram this year, it’s unfortunate because they have played a total of 13 (including this show) California performances.  From Northern to Southern California, radio shows and even Jimmy Kimmel Live, this duo loved playing California in 2014.

Deep Sea Diver, featuring Jessica Dobson, guitarist of The Shins, opened for Phantogram this show.

  1. Nothing but Trouble
  2. Running from the Cops
  3. As Far as I can See
  4. Blackout Days
  5. Turning Into Stone
  6. Bad Dreams
  7. Don’t Move
  8. The Day You Died
  9. Bill Murray
  10. I don’t Blame You
  11. Fall in Love
  12. Howling at the Moon
  13. When I’m Small
  14. Mouthful of Diamonds
  15. Celebrating Nothing

All photos by Corey Kleinsasser

Have you seen Phantogram live?  How were they?  Comment below.

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