Lana Del Rey fails to represent the west coast

Lana Del Rey poses for her fans. Photo by Corey Kleinsasser

With Halloween only a day away, festivities are already beginning.  Lana Del Rey celebrated the holiday a few weeks early by playing at Hollywood Forever Cemetery for two intimate evenings October 17 and 18.

Having her latest album, “Ultraviolence,” hit number one the first week of sales, this was a must-see, probably once in a lifetime, event.

With it being one of today’s top pop artists, one would think that she would put on a stellar performance for this special occasion.  This was not the case for the Saturday show.

Having no opening act to get the crowd excited for what was to come was already a bad start.  Maybe Del Rey was going to play a lot longer?  One would hope.

Del Rey took the stage a couple of minutes after 8 p.m to an uproarious audience.

Del Rey did not seem at her best the entire evening.  She seemed like she was slurring words speaking to the crowd.  She could not hold a very long note.  She had to pause briefly before a song because she did not remember how her own song went.

Worst of all, you could her a vocal track playing backup because she did not sing the correct lyrics to her own songs at times.  We paid for you to sing, not to hear you lip syncing.

If you were at the rail for the show, you were probably one of the few lucky fans that were able to take a selfie with Del Rey, briefly interact with her or give her some kind of gift.  The only problem was that she did this during the actual show, so only the fans at the very front got the experience this.  For the rest of fans in attendance, they just had to wait until she was done interacting with a few fans.

Del Rey only played 13 songs during the Saturday show, ending at only 9:15 p.m.   At $65 (plus fees), the show made one pay more than a dollar a minute for the night.  A pretty steep price for a sub-par performance.

She played 14 songs the night before.  She did not play “Carmen” nor “Ride,” but added “Shades of Cool” for the second show.

Large cameras on both sides of the stage swiveled and moved throughout because Del Rey was filming for a future DVD release, directed by Kevin Kerslake.  This was very aggravating because the cameras moved for the entirety or her performance and many times in the line of sight of the audience.  Unless you were in the first couple of rows, you may not have experienced this problem.

Fans of Del Rey took away from the evening as well.  Many were very loud and very annoying, screaming things that she would obviously not hear and some were even talking during her whole performance.

The ingredients of a perfect evening with setting, artist and weather was anything but.  Instead, it was a lackluster, underachieved and very disappointing.

Stars even showed up both evenings including: James Franco, Aaron Paul and Kellan Lutz.

The last time Del Rey played Southern California was in May at the Shrine Auditorium and Expo Hall.  This will probably be the last time she plays a small Southern California venue in awhile.

October 17

  1. Cruel World
  2. Cola
  3. Body Electric
  4. Blue Jeans
  5. West Coast
  6. Born to Die
  7. Ultraviolence
  8. Old Money
  9. Carmen
  10. Summertime Sadness
  11. Million Dollar Man
  12. Ride
  13. Video Games
  14. National Anthem
October 18

  1. Cruel World
  2. Cola
  3. Blue Jeans
  4. Body Electric
  5. West Coast
  6. Born to Die
  7. Ultraviolence
  8. Old Money
  9. Shades of Cool
  10. Video Games
  11. Summertime Sadness
  12. Million Dollar Man
  13. National Anthem

Did you attend one of these shows?  How do you feel about Lana Del Rey after this?  Comment below.

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