Interpol sells out two Fox Theater Pomona shows

Interpol recently began their US tour in support of their new album, “El Pintor,” released less than one month ago.  The band sold out back-to-back shows at the Fox Theater in Pomona September 22 and 23.

Losing long-time bassist Carlos Dengler, having recently performed at FYF Fest in Los Angeles and being fresh off a new album didn’t make them slow down in the slightest.

The band even altered the setlist both evenings as a special treat for those lucky enough to attend both affairs.

Paul Banks, with his cool, calm and collective stage demeanor mimicked the way he sounds on albums almost perfectly.

Lead guitarist Daniel Kessler did the same and drove many of the band’s songs throughout the evening including, “PDA,” “My Desire” and “The Lighthouse.”  Kessler even drove audience reactions sliding front to back and side to side for many songs and even getting within reaching distance to fans at the barricade.

The man behind them all was Sam Forgarino, beating his drums without missing a single beat, aligning his instrument with touring bassist Brad Truax.

When the band played their classics such as “Evil,” “Slow Hands,” NYC” and “Stella was a Diver and She was Always Down,” the crowd seemed to come alive in an instant by singing along to every lyric and throwing their hands up in the air.

Following 14 songs on each night the band exited the stage to quickly return and play three more, including the first single off their new album, the popular “All the Rage Back Home.”

Some fans were even lucky enough to meet members of the band after the both shows.  Even though the band did not allow pictures with them, fans did not hesitate to take pictures of them.

The band made a quick appearance exiting the building about an hour after each show and some fans got their tickets and, or merchandise signed and some exchanged words with them.

The intensity of fans built up throughout the evenings before the New Yorkers even took to the stage.  The first night even got a little chaotic when the fans started verbal altercations, since venue security had little control over everyone awaiting to enter the venue.

The second evening was just as bad when groups of people would cut in front of fans waiting for hours before the show.  The Fox Theater really needs to stop altering the way they let fans into the venue and keep it consistent.

The reason for that being is that the Fox Theater feels it needs to change what entrance will be entering the venue first so as to build anticipation.  They need to realize the only thing that builds up is animosity.

Up-and coming five-piece band from Mexico City, Rey Pila, opened for Interpol both shows.  The band recently signed with Julian Casablancas’ label, Cult Records, and intends on releasing their first album in January.

Monday 9/22

  1. My Blue Supreme
  2. Say Hello to the Angels
  3. Evil
  4. My Desire
  5. Hands Away
  6. Breaker 1
  7. The Lighthouse
  8. Anywhere
  9. Take You on a Cruise
  10. Everything is Wrong
  11. Lights
  12. Narc
  13. Not Even Jail
  14. Slow Hands
  15. All the Rage Back Home
  16. NYC
  17. Stella was a Diver and She was Always Down
Tuesday 9/23

  1. My Blue Supreme
  2. Mammoth (tour debut)
  3. Length of Love
  4. C’mere
  5. My Desire
  6. Not Even Jail
  7. NYC
  8. Everything is Wrong
  9. Sam Town, New Story
  10. Evil
  11. Hands Away
  12. Anywhere
  13. PDA
  14. Stella was a Diver and She was Always Down
  15. Lights
  16. All the Rage Back Home
  17. Slow Hands

Have you caught Interpol on this tour?  How was it?  Comment below.

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