Cinquanta celebrates Maynard James Keenan’s birthday in LA

Maynard James Keenan recently turned 50 years old on April 17.  To celebrate, the talented singer brought his special birthday event, Cinquanta, to the Greek Theater in Los Angeles on May 10.  The show hosted two of his bands, Puscifer and A Perfect Circle, along with support from Failure.

The event was so in demand that a second show was added the very next night after the first one sold out almost instantly.

The shows featured each band playing two very large sets together, tag-teaming the next band in after playing a few songs each.

Keenan donned a slick blue suit and shades.  He and friends joined reunited 90’s band Failure onstage for the first song of the evening, which was a cover of A Perfect Circle’s “The Nurse who Loved Me.”

The stage was set up like one large backyard barbeque party for every band to just kick back and relax watching the other bands perform.  When bands weren’t playing, they conversed with stagehands, friends and other band members onstage while having endless cups of beverages (most likely alcohol).

Members of each band jumped in and started playing for specific songs for other bands to add more spark and liveliness to the already special evening.

Towards the end of the evening comedy rock group Green Jelly came out and sang “Three Little Pigs.”  Keenan, being a former member of the band, sang his part, “Not by the hair of my chiny, chin, chin,” for the song in a high-pitched voice.  This part of the evening brought many band members to the stage with oversized animal heads.

Keenan is also the lead singer of his most popular band, Tool.  He surprised the crowd near the end of the show when the intro to the song “Sober” began with many of Tool’s members.  The crowd went ecstatic and sang for the entirety of the song.

The birthday celebration concluded with Puscifer singing “The Humbling River,” sending the 6,000 plus fans home happy.

The crowd was much more lively for A Perfect Circle’s songs.  Puscifer added a sort of dark spark to the evening, as their songs were very chilling, but lively.  Even though Failure is one of Keenan’s favorite bands, much of the crowd was not their for them.

These two shows were the only shows to celebrate Keenan’s birthday.  Puscifer and A Perfect Circle have no other shows lined up at the moment.  The last show A Perfect Circle played was Lollapalooza more than a year ago.  As for Puscifer, their only show was a little more than a month ago in Mexico.

This is what makes LA so special, with the rest of the world envying everything it does.  These two shows were the only shows of its kind and LA got to witness both of them.


Puscifer:-Vagina Mine-Trekka

-Polar Bear





-Conditions of My Parole

-Man Overboard

-The Undertaker

-Cuntry Boner (Electric Sheep cover)

-Three Little Pigs (by Green Jelly)

-Sober (w/members of Tool)

-The Humbling River

A Perfect Circle:-Weak and Powerless-Orestas-The Noose

-The Hollow


-The Package

-Counting Bodies Like Sheep to the Rhythm of War Drums

-3 Libras

-By and Down

Failure:-The Nurse Who Loved Me-Saturday Savior

-Dirty Blue Balloons

-Another Space Song




-Wet Gravity



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